1888 Isedale Estate - 134 years ago today

Today, 134 years ago, on Saturday, 21st July 1888, the Isedale Estate in Wooloowin was being advertised for sale by auction on the ground.

Isedale Estate Map

1888 Isedale Estate - Wooloowin, Brisbane

The Isedale Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Isedale Estate covers Norman Street, Lutwyche Road (map shows as Main Government Road to Gympie), Kedron Park Road (map shows as Main Government Road to station), Isedale Street.

Google map showing the present day location of Isedale Estate

Check out the 1936 Aerial view of the Isedale Estate.

1936 Aerial Photo of Isedale Estate

1936 Aerial Photo of Isedale Estate

More Wooloowin information available

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 12

Saturday, 21st July 1888

This Day, July 21 On the Ground
Isedale Estate, Lutwyche
51 Allotments
on Account of the Imperial Deposit Bank, Building and Investment Company, Limited.
Simon Fraser & Son are favoured with instructions to sell by auction
On the Ground on Saturday, 21st July at half-past Two.
Isedale Estate, Lutwyche
Near the Church and Kedron Park and Lutwyche Station
12 Trains daily
35 Omnibuses daily
Healthy and Dry
Three business fronts to Gympie Road
Eight business fronts to Thorroldtown Road
Terms Extremely Liberal
1. Cash 2 1/2 per cent discount
2. Deposit, one-tenth (?? in the Pound); balance fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly; interest, 8 per cent.
3. Deeds may be had at any time on payment in full.
4. The company will advance 90 per cent on the cost of the building.
The Result
That for a moderate rental for eleven years a freehold secured, greatly increased in value.
Conveyances, Omnibuses, Waggonettes from Mart; Railway.
Call for Lithographs.
Call for Railway Passes.
Remember - Saturday, 21st July at 2.30pm.

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