1926 Memorial Park Estate - 96 years ago today

Today, 96 years ago, on Saturday, 24th April 1926, the Memorial Park Estate in Graceville was being advertised for sale.

Memorial Park Estate Map

1926 Memorial Park Estate - Graceville, Brisbane

The Memorial Park Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The developer at the time ran a "Catch-Phrase" competition with:

  • 1st Prize - Choice block of Land on the Memorial Park Estate
  • 2nd Prize - Choice block of Land at half-price
  • 3rd Prize - Block of Land at 25 per cent reduction.
  • Three Special Prizes of 10 per cent reduction
  • Consolation Prizes of price reduction, varying from £1 to £5, according to merit

Competition winners announced at the sale.

The advertisements at the time described the Memorial Park Estate as.

Selling will take place of one of the finest Estates that could be offered around Brisbane.

Faces well-kept, modern Recreation and Sports Grounds

Surrounded by particularly fine types of homes - a veritable paradise for homeseekers

Newspaper Article - 1926 Graceville - The Memorial Park Estate


The Local Sketch includes information about the proposed terminus for the Motor Boat Ferry to North Quay.


Newspaper Article - 1926 Graceville - The Memorial Park Estate

The Memorial Park Estate covers Acacia Avenue, Waratah Avenue, Austral Avenue, White Street, Park Drive, Chanter Street, Cordalba Street (map shows as Pro New Road), Oxley Road (map shows as Main Oxley Road), Verney Road East and Appel Street (map shows as Station Street).

Google map showing the present day location of Memorial Park Estate

Check out the 1936 Aerial view of the Memorial Park Estate.

1936 Aerial Photo of Memorial Park Estate

1936 Aerial Photo of Memorial Park Estate

More Graceville information available

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