1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate
1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate

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1884 Paddington - Paddington Estate

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Estate Map showing Paddington Estate in Paddington

Plan of the Paddington Estate - close to the City Boundary.

Street names shown on the map:

  • Given Terrace
  • Street (now Cochrane Street)
  • Elizabeth Street (now Hayward Street)
  • Great George Street
  • Martha Street
  • Street (now Lower Cairns Street)
  • Jane Street (now Charteris Street)
  • William Street (now Plunkett Street)
  • Charlotte Street
  • John Street (now Bowler Street)
  • no name (now Latrobe Terrace)
  • no name (now Gutherie Street)

The map covers the present day streets:

  • Given Terrace, Paddington
  • Latrobe Terrace, Paddington
  • Cochrane Street, Paddington
  • Hayward Street, Paddington
  • Great George Street, Paddington
  • Martha Street, Paddington
  • Lower Cairns Street, Paddington
  • Charteris Street, Paddington
  • Plunkett Street, Paddington
  • Charlotte Street, Paddington
  • Bowler Street, Paddington
  • Gutherie Street, Paddington

Year: 1884

Location: Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Being Subdivisions of Portions no. 212 & 213, Parish of Enoggerra, County of Stanley.
  • Agent for Queensland, John McMah, Mary & Albert Streets, Brisbane
  • The Property of John Robertson, 417 Pitt Street, Sydney
  • Scale - 2 chains to 1 Inch
  • * Blank Allotments sold
  • Water Hole
  • James's Square
  • Water Reserve
  • Plan of Locality
  • Paddington West
  • General Cemetery
  • West End Estate
  • West Paddington
  • Petrie Terrace
  • Military Barracks
  • Gaol
  • Brisbane River
  • South Brisbane
  • North Brisbane
  • Ferry
  • Milton
  • Spring Hill
  • Fever Hospital
  • Cricket Ground
  • Wickham Terrace
  • Gregory Terrace
  • Queen Street
  • Observatory
  • 214 J. Voller
  • 215 P. Mayne
  • W Moore
  • J C Coole
  • J C Laylock
  • J. H. Braddock, Licensed Surveyor, Brisbane.

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 7

Tomorrow, Tomorrow
On the ground
The Premier Sale of the Season
Unusual Conditions and Terms
Sale Absolute

Terms: Quarter Cash; Balance one, two and three years, interest six percent only, discount five percent for Cash

The Paddington Estate, Paddington
Long looked at by many

Simon Fraser & Son are favoured with instructions from John Robertson, Esq to sell by auction.

On Saturday, 4th October at 2 sharp. Luncheon at 1.
Conveyances free from the mart, from 1 to half-past 2,

The Paddington, Paddington, Paddington is recognised as almost part of the city and continuation of Caxton Street will bring this beautiful semi-suburb within a few minutes walk of Queen Street.

The early and certain advent of Tramcars must here as in Sydney and elsewhere, enormously enhance the value of properties.

200 choice allotments.

Positions to suit all tastes and equally accessible to Given Terrace and Red Hill Omnibuses.

From some parts of Paddington the prospect is truely grand and no part without some charming and redeeming feature but Paddington (who does not know Paddington?) is really so well known as to require no elaborate description.

The merchant, storekeeper, shopkeeper or mechanic cannot fail to find something here to his taste and his purse.

Aye!! there is the rub - the purse.
Look again at the terms.

Quarter Cash. Balance at 1, 2 and 3 years. Interest 6 per cent only. Discount for Cash, 5 per cent.

The fact is that Mr Robertson is retiring from Business and has given instructions to Clear Out.

Luncheon at 1, Sale at 2.
Conveyances free from the Mart from 1 and half-past 2.
Mark. Absolute Sale, Lithographs Ready.
Take a walk and view the beauties of Paddington.

The prospects presented to the eye of Alexander Selkirk when "monarch of all he surveyed", was not a patch on the view from the height of Paddington.