1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce
1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce

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1915 Camp Hill - Silver Bell - Mt Bruce

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Estate Map showing the Silver Bell Estate - Mt Bruce in Camp Hill

Rally around Blackwood. He is Here! Next Saturday, August 14th.

Street names shown on the map:

  • The Promenade
  • Lossock Avenue
  • Tranters Avenue
  • Hobart Avenue
  • Melbourne Avenue
  • Sydney Avenue
  • Brisbane Avenue
  • Stanley Street (now Stanley Road)
  • Government Road (doesn't exist anymore)

The map covers the present day streets:

  • The Promenade, Camp Hill
  • Lossock Avenue, Camp Hill
  • Tranters Avenue, Camp Hill
  • Hobart Avenue, Camp Hill
  • Melbourne Avenue, Camp Hill
  • Sydney Avenue, Camp Hill
  • Brisbane Avenue, Camp Hill
  • Stanley Road, Camp Hill

Year: 1915

Date: Saturday, 14 August 1915

Location: Camp Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Silver Bell Estate - Mt Bruce
  • Within 3 miles radius of the G.P.O. - Norman Park - On the Hill Overlooking the City, at the Station.
  • The Beauty Spot of Brisbane. So Picturesque. The Great Event Takes Place.
  • Next Saturday, August 14th
  • Do not fail to attend. Call for your ticket and plan now.
  • Free Trains. Free Tickets. Free, All Free.
  • Blackwood's special train leaves Melbourne Street Station, South Brisbane at 2.20pm. Call for Free Ticket and Plan.
  • Terms: No Interest. 5/ deposit. 5/ monthly.
  • Prices: £10 to about £15 per Lot.
  • Deeds, £2 7s 6d. 10 per cent discount for cash within 6 months.
  • Blackwood's Famous High Land. Blackwood's Famous Low Prices.
  • See the name BLACKWOOD is on the plan - the man with £50,000 trading capital.
  • No forfeiture with reason.
  • Anyone who has bought land from me in any of the estates during the last 15 years and forfeited it, I will allow them the full amount on a new purchase in this estate. Can anything be fairer than this?
  • Blackwood does not deal in swamps and mosquito flats to gull the workers; he studies them and looks after them like a huge family. He is in business to make money, and give value for money; See Salisbury, Oxford Park, Enoggera, Waverley Park, Banyo, Union Jack and dozens of other Estates, built all over. Ask the residents for a reference.
  • Your own home. 2d. per day.
  • Make a start at Blackwood's Silver Bell Estate. See the Farm Areas.
  • Call for Free Railway Tickets and Plans. Office open from 9am to 4pm. Saturday 9 to 12.
  • All Rates and Taxes paid till 1916.
  • I will allow any authorised lady collector to collect on the estate at the sale and I will add pound for pound on what she collects up to £20 for "Australia Day".
  • Races for the People
  • Men (allcomers) £1; Women (allcomers) £1; Boys (allcomers) £1; Girls (allcomers) £1.
  • Ithaca Brass Band will play Patriotic Songs.
  • Now, Father and Mother, bring out the family, don't be shy. I am pleased to see you and to personally attend to you. Come to my Great Open Air Reception, and enjoy the sweet music.
  • No Auction, just pick out your lots. Practically City Property.
  • Come closer, dear, come closer into the city, no big fares to pay.
  • You can make money out of Land close to the City.
  • The Never Never Estates will never grow in your life time.
  • Blackwood - The Great Land Seller, is Here.
  • He wants you to start your home for 2d per day. Remember I gave a high price for the land, so near the city. Paid £300 for clearing and roads, gave about £300 worth of land for streets, survey, legal expenses. All paid in gold. And then sell it on my terms cheap. Think.
  • It pays me because I have an extensive business, and not other use for my capital and not better use than settle the industrial class in homes. Home, Sweet Home.
  • Call and See. Get Particulars.
  • See that the name Blackwood is on your plan.
  • Practically City Land. You will double your money very soon if you Purchase in this Estate.
  • Blackwood the Man for the People.
  • Arthur Blackwood, 357 George Street, Brisbane; the Universal Land Providor, over Petersen's Florist, opp. McDonnell & East; and at Haymarket, Sydney.
  • Solicitors: Stephens & Tozer. Bankers: Royal Bank.
  • Office Hours 9 to 4, Saturday 12. Phone Central 4354.
  • Plans and Tickets after 4 o'clock at Clifton Jones Ltd. 369 George Street, where crockery and ironmongery are sold cheaper than most shops. Pop in and see them.
  • People on the South or East Brisbane side can obtain free railway tickets and plans from Scott's, Leicester Boot Shop. Stanley Street, Woolloongabba.
  • Arthur Blackwood, Governing Director.
  • Local Sketch
  • Brisbane River
  • New Farm
  • East Brisbane
  • Ferry
  • Cleveland Railway
  • Coorparoo Tram
  • Coorparoo Station
  • Norman Park Station
  • Junction
  • Morningside Station
  • Cannon Hill Station
  • Mt Bruce Station
  • Hotel
  • Coorparoo School

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 8

Sale on the Ground
To-day (Saturday)
254 big lots
5/ deposit. 5/ monthly. No Interest.
£10 to £15 each. So cheap at Mt Bruce near Norman Park.
Free Train leaves Melbourne Street Station at 2.20pm return from Mt Bruce 5.20pm.
Call for Free Ticket and Plan.
Office Hours, 9 to 4.
Phone. 4354
All Rates and Taxes paid until 1916.
Arthur Blackwood
357 George Street, Brisbane over Petersen's Florist.