1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate
1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate

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1887 Red Hill - Church Hill Estate

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Estate Map showing the Church Hill Estate in Red Hill

Church Hill Estate. To be sold by Public Auction on the ground on Saturday, December 17 at 3 o'clock.

Street names shown on the map:

  • Waterworks Road
  • Road 1 chain wide (now Lintern Street)
  • Road 1 chain wide (now Pascal Street)
  • St Barnabas Place
  • Kent Street

The map covers the present day streets:

  • Waterworks Road, Red Hill
  • Lintern Street, Red Hill
  • Pascal Street, Red Hill
  • St Barnabas Place, Red Hill
  • Kent Street, Red Hill

Year: 1887

Date: Saturday, 17th December 1887

Location: Red Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Subdvisions 1 to 29, Portions 772 and 773, Red Hill
  • Charming Allotments, Elevated Situations, All High and Dry.
  • Splendid Views, Grand Business Sites, Working Man's Chance, Salubrious Locality, Villa Residence Sites, Opposite E. Hooker's Property, Red Hill, Waterworks Road.
  • Omnibus Every Few Minutes
  • Easy walk from Queen Street
  • Terms: One-tenth cash, balance by bills at intervals of 8 months extending up to 5 years, bearing 8 per cent per annum; or
  • One-fourth cash, balance by Bills at intervals of 3 months up to 2 years bearing 7 1/2 per cent per annum; or
  • Cash in full, less 2 1/2 per cent.
  • Local Sketch
  • Land for Sale
  • E. Hookers Residence & ground.
  • Waterworks Road
  • Enoggera Terrace
  • Cochrane Street
  • Cairns Terrace
  • Given Terrace
  • Kelvin Grove Road
  • Petrie Terrace
  • Countess Street
  • Albert Park
  • Boys Grammar School
  • Girls
  • Gregory Terrace
  • Boundary Street
  • Leichhardt Street
  • Railway to Ipswich
  • Railway to Sandgate
  • Hooker, Son & Elliot, Auctioneers, Albert Street
  • Black Keid & Co. Litho. Brisbane.

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Telegraph - Page 6

Friday, 16 December 1887

Opposite to E. Hooker's Property
Fronting Main Waterworks Road
The Church Hill Estate
Splendid Situation and Scenery
28 Valuable Building Sites
Omnibuses Every Few Minutes
Five Year Terms if desired
A Really Golden Opportunity
Lithographs now ready
HOOKER, SON & ELLIOTT are favoured with instructions from J. J. Lovekin, Esq., to sell by public auction on the ground, Main Waterworks Road
28 Business and Residence Sites, Opposite Mr E. Hooker's residence
on Saturday, December 17 at 3 o'clock.
That choice Property, being Subdivisions 2 to 29 of Portions 772 aud 773, Parish of Enoggera, appropriately named The Church Hill Estate, now judiciously subdivided into Allotments, comprising Business and Villa Sites, and large sized Garden Allotments, with extremely fertile soil, the property fronting the main Waterworks Road, and immediately opposite the residence and grounds of Mr. E. Hooker, with the great advantages of the two lines of the GROVE AND ASHGROVE OMNIBUSES passing and repassing the Estate at frequent intervals during the day, and the Enoggera Terrace lines of omnibuses running close thereto every few minutes, while the distance of the property from Queen street is only a comfortable walk, and THE TERMS ARE EXTREMELY LIBERAL, being only Two Shillings Deposit in the Pound, the balance for PAYMENT EXTENDING UP TO FIVE YEARS, a chance that is not likely to occur again so near to town, and surrounded by occupied properties that have lately risen immensely in value, and are growing in esteem every day.
The Auctioneers confidently assert that THE CHURCH HILL ESTATE is one of the prettiest elevations in the neighbourhood, and must commend itself to all on the look out for A CHEERY SITE FOR A HOME, a safe investment for the earnings of the industrious man, and insuring a certain return for money invested, with the probability of a large increase in value as improvements go on.
The fact of the Church of England having secured a site on the Estate, is in itself the best guarantee of its excellence, and the New Church so soon to be erected will give an immediate enhancement of value to the Estate, besides securing a tone to the locality, which must attract the attention of all in search of a residence site.
THE CHURCH HILL ESTATE has many special features of attraction, such as high land, picturesque views surrounding the locality, with the beautiful mountain scenery beyond, and the rippling waters of the famed Ithaca Creek beneath; the whole forming a vast and varied panorama, with many of nature's gifts, which go so far towards making the happy home of the suburban resident, and yet within easy reach of the city.
Mr. Hooker, sen., now retiring from the firm, has much pleasure in announcing this his Closing Outdoor Sale, and being a long resident immediately opposite the Church Hill Estate, can confidently recommend it as a most healthy and salubrious spot.
1st. One-tenth Cash; Balance by Bills in equal payments up to 5 years, bearing 8 per cent. per annum.
2nd. Or, One-fourth Cash; Balance by Bills up to 2 years, bearing 7 1/2 per cent. per annum.
3rd. Or, Cash in full, less 2 1/2 per cent, discount.
The Titles are Ready for the Real Property Office, and Purchasers can have their Deeds issued in their own names, by paying the expenses, and being subject to a charge for the unpaid balance.
Opposite Mr. E. Hooker's Residence.
Saturday, December 17, AT 3 o'clock,