Queen Elizabeth II - 1963 Video

We remember the life of Queen Elizabeth II with a video from British Movietone of the Queen's visit to Brisbane in 1963. 

1963 - With the Queen in Australia


18 miles up the Brisbane River lies Brisbane itself. The city of more than 600,000 and capital of Queensland - Australia's second largest state.

The Royal Visitors were up on deck for their arrival brought out the usual welcoming armada.

The official welcome took place at the City Hall, where a large crowd gathered to see the Queen and Prince Philip arrive. Queensland is the Sunshine State and palm trees indicate the character of the climate.

The young people, 45,000 of them this time, had their chance to welcome the Royal Visitors at the city's Exhibition Ground.  Quite a display they made too, drawn up in gigantic circles so that everyone had the chance to say "Hi ya" to the Queen.  It was one of the most enthusiastic and colorful of all the many welcomes so far.

Apart from meeting the people, they met those other attractive, if rather more timid inhabitants, the koalas. Here the Queen had a chat with Mrs. Melba Saunders, an official in the State Native Affairs Department.

A delightful interlude with these tree-climbing Teddy Bears, and I bet the Queen and Prince Philip wish they could take one home for Prince Andrew.

Not a word but some koalas get a bit tight on those intoxicating eucalyptus leaves.

The koala is synonymous with Australia's bushland and the Royal Visitors will be seeing plenty of that, after they left Brisbane.

Source: British Movietone

1963 Royal Visit - Itinerary - Brisbane

Wednesday, 6 March 1963


  • The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh arrive Brisbane
  • Official call by the Governor of Queensland and Lady May Abel Smith, HMY BRITANNIA
  • Official call by the Premier and his sister Mrs Lind, HMY BRITANNIA
  • Ceremonial Arrival, Newstead Wharf
  • Civic Welcome, Brisbane City Hall


  • Investiture, Government House Queensland
  • Luncheon, Government House Queensland
  • Visit, Bulwer Island
  • Formal Dinner Party, Government House Queensland
  • Attend Citizen’s Welcome in the form of a Bushman’s Carnival, Exhibition Ground
  • Overnight – HMY BRITANNIA

Thursday, 7 March 1963


  • Attend assembly of school children, Exhibition Ground
  • Attend assembly of school children, Brisbane Cricket Ground


  • Luncheon Party, HMY BRITANNIA
  • The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh leave Brisbane and arrive Coolangatta
  • Attend Surf Carnival, Coolangatta
  • The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh leave Coolangatta and arrive Brisbane
  • Dinner Party, HMY BRITANNIA
  • Overnight – HMY BRITANNIA

Friday, 8 March 1963


  • Ceremonial Farewell, Brisbane Airport
  • The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh leave Brisbane for Cooma

Source: 1963 Royal Visit

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