William Jolly Bridge - 90 Year Anniversary

With the "William Jolly Bridge" turning 90 today, it is a good time to look at other river crossings at the same location.
The Grey Street Bridge opened on Wednesday 30th March 1932. The name was eventually changed in 1955 to honour William Jolly, the first Lord Mayor of greater Brisbane from 1925-1931, who had died in 1955.

1896 Map showing North Quay Ferry

This 1896 map of Brisbane and Suburbs shows a "North Quay Ferry" running between Grey Street, South Brisbane and North Quay in the same location as the Grey Street Bridge. The description shows the ferry is under the control of the Council, South Brisbane Borough.
"North Quay Ferry" - Control of Council S. B. Borough.
G. G. 1894 Vol 2, P1413.
* Map - Extract of the 1896 Brisbane Map - Printed & Published at the Surveyor General's Office, Brisbane, Queensland, 1896, April, Price 3s.
1896 Map showing the North Quay Ferry
1896 Map showing the "North Quay Ferry" running between Grey Street, South Brisbane and North Quay.

1893 North Quay Ferry Service

The 2nd image shows depicts a scene on the Brisbane river in 1893 with a ferry service replacing the Victoria Bridge damaged in the 1893 floods.
"North Quay Ferry Service, 1893"
The ferry service from North Quay taken between Feburary & September 1893. The bridge had fallen during Feburary and the temporary wooden one was not completed until September.
Creator: E. Colclough
North Quay Ferry Service, 1893
Images from the State Library of Queensland

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