100 years old today - Kirkston Estate - Windsor

Happy 100th Birthday - Kirkston Estate in Windsor!

Today, one hundred years ago, on Saturday 27th November 1920, the Kirkston Estate was available for sale on the ground.


1920 Windsor - Kirkston Estate

1920 Windsor - Kirkston Estate

Kirkston Estate, Windsor includes the following streets:

  • Bowser Street
  • Flower Street
  • Palmer Street
  • Whish Street
  • Parsons Street (map shows as Street)
  • Goodacre Street (map shows as Road)

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      Compare the 1936 Aerial Photo of the Kirkston Estate with the present day Google Maps.


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       Newspaper Advertisement

      Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 8

      This Afternoon - For Sale by Public Auction on the Ground at 3 o'clock.

      Under instructions from the Union Trustee Co. of Australia, Ltd., as Trustees of the late John Henry Flower, Settlement.


      Fronting the main Kedron and Albion Roads, also having long frontage to Palmer Street, almost adjoining the Windsor Town Council Office, and having without exception the finest view of the whole of the Albion-Windsor district.

      This charming Estate, which surrounds the Residence of Mrs J. H. Flower, is one of the best beauty spots of Brisbane.

      TERMS : One-fifth cash, balance at the rate of £1 per allotment per month, at 6 per cent per annum.

      Kedron Park and Albion Road trams pass the Estate every 5 minutes.

      Call for Plans.

      For further particulars apply to the Union Trustee Co. of Australia, Ltd., 398-400 Queen Street, Brisbane, or to Cameron Bros., Auctioneers.

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