1884 Taringa - South Toowong - Newspaper advertisement

Newspaper article from 1884 advertising the South Toowong Estate in Taringa

Newspaper Article for South Toowong Estate

The Brisbane Courier
Friday 15 August 1884 - Page 8



JOHN W. TODD has received instructions to sell by auction, on the Ground, on
SATURDAY 16th August, at Half past Two o'clock.

Being Subdivisions of Portion 36, Parish of Indooroopilly

THE LOCALITY - To find this Estate you leave the Toowong Railway Station, and walk up tho main street to tho church. This will take you half-a-minute; then turn down the road to the left, crossing the Railway Bridge, and in three minutes you will be at South Toowong, which lies immediately at the end of the road.

On inspecting tho South Toowong Estate, you will find a grand elevation, exactly suited for building purposes. Take the plan, and you will find that, no matter which lot you look at, all are equally high and dry, well drained, and suitable for superior villas and business premises.

The Auctioneer has found it quite unnecessary to puff this Estate, because it will BEAR INSPECTION.

It does not require the imagination to be excited by champagne or any other pain. Practical common-sense and judgement will all be that is wanted to prove that this is the best land in Toowong. Look at the view from the top. All the City, the River, South Brisbane, Houses of Parliament, Government House, and all the surrounding scenery in full view. It is in the heart of the Town of Toowong, Roberts's Bus Stand being in
tho adjoining section, and in front the Government road which leads to Indooroopilly and Pocket, just put in splendid order by the Divisional Board. Busses will soon ply between Toowong and Indooroopilly, and tho main frontages will avail for hotels, stores shops, manufactories. All the Auctioneer begs is INSPECTION.

The great objection to one part of Toowong by tho Cemetery is entirely removed in this instance. There is no view of the Cemetery from this Estate. It lies close to the Railway station, the churches, and villas of Toowong proper. Therefore purchases, use your judgement, and you will never regret it. Land is bound to advance in a locality where there is no swamps; where there are good drainage, high elevations, and good soil. It does not want a big advertisement to prove that.

At tho same time will be sold that Charming Residence, ELLERSLIE which stands on an Acre of Land, in the centre of South Toowong. It has ten rooms and garden, with outhouses.
Day of Sale SATURDAY, 16th AUGUST. Terms, Liberal, at Sale.

REASONS for PURCHASING in the SOUTH TOOWONG ESTATE, on SATURDAY next, the 10th August - 
  1. Admittedly the Cream of Toowong.
  2. High and dry, good drainage, fresh air, splendid views, and beautiful surroundings
  3. Close to Toowong Railway Station. Three and a half minutes walk exactly.
  4. Within sight of the Sports Ground.
  5. Adjoining Roberts's Bus Stand, and opposite the Union Athletic Railway Platform.
  6. Patterson's new Timber Yard and Saw-mill opposite the Estate, where timber can be supplied cheap for building on tho South Toowong Estate.
  7. Every Lot large enough for a house and garden
  8. In the centre of tho town, away from funerals and cemetery tombstones and objectionable surroundings.
  9. No other land available in this populous suburb, where there is to be found a Church of England, Baptist, Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist, and other Chapels; Oddfellows' Hall, a splendid Town Hall, the Institute, a large Primary School, Manufacturing Industries, Grocers, Drapers, Butchers, Tailors, Blacksmiths; plenty of work for all, within easy walking distance of the city.
  10. All Roads and Streets 1 Chain Wide
  11. Water pipes now being laid along the Moggill road
  12. Invest in South Toowong, where Land is sure to increase in Value, and not in places where you can never get a return even of your capital.

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South Toowong Estate

Newspaper Source: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/page/83840

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