1885 Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section - 138 years ago today

Today, 138 years ago, on Saturday, 28th November 1885, the Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section in Belmont was being advertised for sale by auction on the ground.

Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section Map

1885 Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section - Belmont, Brisbane

The Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section covers Grassdale Road, Grassdale Road, London Road, London Road, Boston Road, Boston Road, Old Cleveland Road, Old Cleveland Road, New Cleveland Road, Cross Street, Stanbrough Road (map shows as Government Road), Tilley Road (map shows as Government Road), Archer Street, Archer Street and Aldis Street.

Google map showing the present day location of Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section

Check out the 1946 Aerial view of the Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section.

1946 Aerial Photo of Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section

1946 Aerial Photo of Grassdale Estate - 2nd Section

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Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 7

This Day (Saturday) 28th November on the ground
1000 Acres. One Thousand Acres. From One to Five Acre Blocks

A chance seldom offered of securing a large area at a low price so near the metropolis is now open to the public in THE GRASSDALE ESTATE.

Easy Terms. Large Areas.

G. T. BELL has received instructions from the Grassdale Land Company, Limited, to sell by auction, on the ground, on Saturday, 28th November, at half-past Two o'clock.

The Second Section of the Grassdale Estate.

Comprising 1000 Acres, in blocks of from One to Five Acres, having a frontage of two miles to the Old Cleveland Road. This magnificent property is situated between the Old and New Cleveland Roads, and is deserving the attention of the Investor, Capitalist, Farmer, Merchant, Artisan, and Mechanic, as it is only one hour's drive from Brisbane, and as it has been decided to run the Cleveland Railway through the Estate it will be brought within a few minutes ride of the heart of the City.

THE GRASSDALE ESTATE offers inducements second to no property offered for some years, as it is impossible to purchase such large areas so near the town except at fabulous prices.

The GRAND BUILDING SITES, suitable for the mansion, cottage, or villa, to be obtainable in the GRASSDALE surpass anything yet offered, as from some parts of the Estate VIEWS OF MORETON BAY AND THE ISLANDS can be obtained.

Yet notwithstanding the great elevation, there are no gullies or broken country, the land being of an undulating nature, with splendid knolls and rises all over the Estate. The soil is admirably adapted for fruit trees and vines, and there is always a PLENTIFUL SUPPLY OF WATER ON THE ESTATE.

The GRASSDALE ESTATE offers a chance that will not occur again of securing a large-sized block of good land, together with a splendid site for Suburban Residences so near the city.

The CLEVELAND RAILWAY, which is decided must run through the Estate, will cause an enormous increase in value of every foot o GRASSDALE.

The Auctioneer would merely point to the Suburbs around Sydney - viz., Summer Hill, Ashfield, Burwood, and numerous others - where land is selling at from £10 to £12 per foot, and which have not the natural advantages that GRASSDALE has, and are considerably further from Sydney than GRASSDALE is from Brisbane.

And it follows, as surely as day follows night that, in a very short time those fortunate people who buy acres now in the Grassdale Estate will be able to sell by the foot for the same money as they gave per acre.

REMEMBER - That the people who have made fortunes in Australia in land are those who looked to the future, and purchased at a nominal figure large areas, which in the course of time, increased to an enormous extent.

THE GRASSDALE ESTATE is exactly the spot for the Investor or Far-seeing Man, as the Property must increase in value, and that very shortly.

The Grassdale Land Company acquired this Property when Land was selling at a nominal figure and so are enabled to sell at a fair Interest on prime cost.

FREE CONVEYANCES will be provided any day for parties desirous of inspecting, and from the large size of the block there will be no time on sale day for thorough inspection, owing to the whole section being a couple of miles in length.

TERMS- Quarter Cash : Balance 6, 12, and l8 months, with 7 per cent interest added.

FREE CONVEYANCES will leave on day of sale, particulars of which will be announced in future issue.

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  • Brett Nutley

    Who did the Grassdale Land Company buy this land from and how did the company that sold it to Grassdale acquire the land in the first instance in 1885 Thank you in advance

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