1885 Oxley Township Estate - 139 years old today

Today is the 139th birthday of the Oxley Township Estate in Oxley.  

On this day, Saturday 14th March 1885, the  Oxley Township Estate in Oxley was auctioned on the ground. 

1885 Oxley Township Estate

Check out the Aerial Photo from 1936 of Oxley Township Estate

1936 Oxley - Oxley Township Estate

The newspaper at the time described it as a country retreat.

To those whose business has necessitated their daily presence in town during the excessive heat of the present summer, such a chance for a 


at a mere trifling cost should be hailed with the deepest satisfaction and require no commendation on the part of the Auctioneers, more especially where railway facilities are so great and the cost of travelling so cheap, added to the fact that a duplicate line to Ipswich has now become an absolute necessity, and being provided for by Parliament, must immensely increase the value of all Suburban Properties along line, especially near the Railway Stations.

Happy Birthday Oxley Township Estate!

Newspaper Article - 1885 Oxley Township Estate

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