1887 Torwood Estate - 137 years ago today

Today, 137 years ago, on Saturday, 18 June 1887, the Torwood Estate in Auchenflower was being advertised for sale on the ground. 

Torwood Estate Map

1887 Torwood Estate - Auchenflower, Brisbane

The Torwood Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Torwood Estate covers Birdwood Terrace (map shows as Heussler Terrace), Haig Road (map shows as Heussler Terrace), Annie Street, Payne Street (map shows as John Street), Agnes Street, Hope Street and Bangalla Street (map shows as Irving Street).

Google map showing the present day location of Torwood Estate

Check out the 1946 Aerial view of the Torwood Estate.

1946 Aerial Photo of Torwood Estate

1946 Aerial Photo of Torwood Estate

More Auchenflower information available

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 8

Saturday, 18 June 1887

This Day
TORWOOD - Read the Terms
Adjoining Baroona
Frontage to Heussler Terrace
R. J. Cottell (successor to John Cameron) has received instructions from the Proprietor to sell by public auction on the ground, on Saturday, 18th June at Two O'Clock, The whole of TORWOOD, being subdivisions 1 to 161 of Portions 234A and 235, Parish of Enoggera.
TORWOOD adjoins Baroona, is close to Rosalie, to Bayswater, to Milton to Castlemaine Brewery, and is within 10 minutes drive of the city on a tip-top road.
The Whole of the Allotments are really first class building sites, while some of those fronting Heussler Terrace and other parts of the Estate are as Fine Villa Sites as any within the same distance of Queen Street.
It is surrounded by the residences of large numbers of our leading citizens and being so easy of access by both train and omnibus, is in the centre of one of the most rapidly rising of our suburbs.
The whole surroundings are really of a most superior character, and the land should certainly be visited and inspected by all who are interested in the progress of the city.

It is a common thing - an every day thing - to hear folks say, "What a lucky fellow Brown is; see what money he made by land at such a place." And these folks, and most others, seem to think that such chances are gone never to return again, whereas the fact is that such chances are as plentiful now as ever they were, and there are lots of people - heaps of people - laying the foundation of large fortunes by their judicious purchases of land. True it is that there are not so many buying now as a couple of years ago, but that to the man who knows his way about is an incontrovertible proof that now is the time to buy. If you wish to buy when everyone is buying, why of course you have lots of competition and cannot buy cheap. but if you are game enough to buy when nobody hardly is buying, chances are that you buy better, and have a better margin for the future. The inference, therefore, is that all persons who now purchase get better bargains than they could have done if they had been buying in the height of the fever, while the certainty is that the unearned increment in the immediate future must be greater than anything we have seen before.
Therefore, do not forget TORWOOD.
Sale, Saturday 18th June on the ground.
Free cabs from the Mart from 1 till 2 o'clock.
Title, Real Property Act.
Terms: One-tenth Cash, Balance by Promissory notes at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 and 27 months, bearing interest at 8 per cent.
Grand Chance for a fine suburban block.
Option of as many lots as you like.
House on one large, well-situated allotment.
Saturday, 18th June.
TORWOOD - Read the Terms

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