1887 Bulimba Park Estate - 136 years ago today

Today, 136 years ago, on Saturday, 12th November 1887, the Bulimba Park Estate in Hawthorne was being advertised for sale.

Bulimba Park Estate Map

1887 Bulimba Park Estate - Hawthorne, Brisbane

The Bulimba Park Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Bulimba Park Estate covers Hawthorne Road (map shows as Bulimba Ferry Road), Barton Road (map shows as Government Road), Mullens Street (map shows as Mullen Street), Riding Road (map shows as Government Road), Park Street.

Google map showing the present day location of Bulimba Park Estate

Check out the 1946 Aerial view of the Bulimba Park Estate.

1936 Aerial Photo of Bulimba Park Estate

1946 Aerial Photo of Bulimba Park Estate

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Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 10

Saturday, 12 November 1887

This Day On the Ground at Half-Past Two o'clock
Bulimba Park
The Property of the Metropolitan Freehold Land and Building Company, Limited
78 Fine, 78 Level, 78 First-Class, 78 A1, Splendid Full-Sized Building Allotments.
Every One Good and Suitable for the Mechanic, Working Man, Storekeeper, Butcher, Baker, Blacksmith, and other Tradespeople, etc
Bulimba Park has three main road frontages, Namely,
Bulimba Ferry Road,
Burton Road (leading to the River), and
Government Road (leading to the New Cleveland Road).
Only Five Minutes walk from the proposed site of the Railway Station, the Government having reserved 8 acres for Railway Purposes.
The Cleveland Railway, which will be started next year, will pass near Bulimba Park, which is only a few minutes walk from the Steam Ferry, the Hawthorne Ferry, and the New Cleveland Road.
Why Pay Rent?
When you can secure an allotment of ground on terms like the following:-
No. 1. Quarter Cash Deposit, Balance at 4, 8 and 12 Months, without interest.
No. 2. Twenty per cent Cash Deposit; Balance by quarterly instalments, extending over two years; interest 6 per cent.
No. 3. Fifteen per cent Deposit; balance by monthly instalments extending over five years; interest at 7 per cent.
No. 4. Ten per cent (2s in the pound) Deposit, balance repayable fortnightly at the rate of 2s and 2d for every £20 or portion of £20; interest at current rates.
G. T. Bell Real Property Auctioneer, 63 Queen Street, has received instructions from the Metropolitan Freehold Land and Building Company, Limited, to sell by auction, on the Ground, on Saturday, 12th November at half-past Two o'clock,
That Splendid Piece of Land, known on Government Plan as Subdivision 1 of portion 64, Parish of Bulimba, county of Stanley, and which has been called
Bulimba Park
And has been subdivided (leaving chain-wide road through the property) into 78 really good building sotes, 43 of which have Main Road Forntages. Every inch of this superb property is first-class. Not one bad Allotment, no Swamps, no Gullies, or Broken Land.
Easy Access. Rising and Improving Neighbourhood. Healthful Position. Charming Scenery, and Terms to Suit Everybody with Assistance to build.
Lithographs are now ready. Call at New Mart, 63 Queen Street, for One.
Free Conveyances will Leave the Mart, 63 Queen Street, on Day of Sale, at 1 o'clock, 1.30 o'clock and 2 o'clock.

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