1887 Manly Beach Estate - 137 years ago today

Today, 137 years ago, on Saturday, 1st January 1887, the Manly Beach Estate in Manly was being advertised for sale by public auction on the ground.

Manly Beach Estate Map

1887 Manly Beach Estate - Manly, Brisbane

The Manly Beach Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Manly Beach Estate covers Mountjoy Terrace (map shows as Mountjoy Crescent), Carlton Terrace, Melville Terrace, Kingsley Terrace, Stratton Terrace (map shows as Strattan Terrace), Boswell Terrace, Grattan Terrace, Upper Esplanade, Esplanade (map shows as Lower Esplanade), Gordon Parade, Nelson Parade, Earl Parade, Stewart Parade, Cardigan Parade, Cambridge Parade, Royal Esplanade, Stratton Terrace (map shows as Mary Street), Benalla Street (map shows as Jane Street), Wellington Street, Oceana Terrace (map shows as Dallie Street), Ernest Street, Arnold Street, Kooralgin Street (map shows as Waterloo Street), School Lane and Valetta Street.

Google map showing the present day location of Manly Beach Estate

Check out the 1936 Aerial view of the Manly Beach Estate.

1936 Aerial Photo of Manly Beach Estate

1936 Aerial Photo of Manly Beach Estate

The Estate Map shows the following names as owning property in the Manly area.

  • Hon J. R. Dickson
  • E. W Cross
  • J. R. Dickson Junior
  • D. D. Arnold
  • E. T. Neighbour
  • Cripps
  • R. Roberts
  • J. Hennessey
  • D. Brown
  • C. Ford
  • R. Layton
  • T. Cumes
  • Thomas Watson
  • D. Rayner
  • William Ross
  • T. Howling
  • J. L. Sands
  • William Nimmo
  • G. Burnett
  • B. Rayner
  • R. D. Graham
  • Joseph Cross
  • J. Woodland
  • S. Woodland
  • J. L. Sands
  • R. D. Graham
  • R. G. Stoddard
  • J. W. Sutton
  • W. Wiley
  • J. E. Dawson
  • W. Scott
  • L. Hilley
  • J. Anderson
  • T. Day
  • C. Salm
  • J. Savage
  • J. Gibson
  • A. Batch
  • H. Marcus
  • John Best
  • Arnold Bros
  • Joseph Warren

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 8

Saturday, 1 January 1887

This Day - New Year's Day
Look out for the sale of the Manly Beach Estate
The Future Premier Watering Place of Brisbane
Within Ten Miles of the City
Tenders for Railway to be called immediately.
Railway Station to be on the Estate.
For Scenery, Situation, Boating, Fishing and Bathing Unequalled.
The terms will be the easiest ever offered in Brisbane.
Being £1 deposit per allotment and £1 per month afterwards until the full amount is paid up, or easier can be arranged if required.
5 per cent discount for cash.
Illustrated books of the Estate and Lithographs can be obtained on application to the undersigned.
Steamers, Waggonettes and 'Busses will leave Brisbane on New Years Day, Conveying People to the ground free.
Arthur Martin & Co, Auctioneers

Excursion to Manly Beach
New Year's Day - This Day
The Steamer Kate will leave Hart's Wharf this day (New Year's Day) at 10 o'clock sharp conveying intending purchasers to the sale of the Manly Beach Estate free of charge.
No Children allowed on board.
Tickets on application to Arthur Martin & Co, Auctioneers

Important Notice
Manly Beach Sale
Owing to the enormous demands for passages to the sale of the Manly Beach Estate to be held on the ground this day.
The Auctioneers have decided to supplement the Steamer Kate which has already been chartered with the fast and Favourite Steamer, Young Mat, which will leave Hart's Wharf, Eagle Street about half-past ten o'clock sharp.
Arthur Martin & Co, Auctioneers

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