1887 Sherwood Rise Estate - 137 years ago today

Today, 137 years ago, on Saturday, 5th March 1887, the Sherwood Rise Estate in Sherwood was being advertised for sale on the ground.

Sherwood Rise Estate Map

1887 Sherwood Rise Estate - Sherwood, Brisbane

The Sherwood Rise Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement


Magnificent Soil for Gardening Purposes.

Scenery Unsurpassed. Extensive Views.

Every Facility for Regular and Speedy Transit to and from the City.

Trains Pass Every Half-hour.

Fares by Season Ticket Actually Cheaper than Omnibus or Tram Rates.

An Elevated, Lovely, and most Charming Position.

Very Convenient.

Estate Separated from Railway Station by Government Road Only.

The Sherwood Rise Estate covers the following streets in Sherwood

  • Dewar Terrace (map shows as Government Road)
  • Lilly Street (map shows as Road)
  • Sherwood Road (map shows as Gov. Road)
  • Jolimont Street

Google map showing the present day location of Sherwood Rise Estate

Check out the 1936 Aerial view of the Sherwood Rise Estate.

1936 Aerial Photo of Sherwood Rise Estate

1936 Aerial Photo of Sherwood Rise Estate

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