1887 Taringa - Belgrave and Riverview Estate - 134 years ago

1887 Taringa - Belgrave and Riverview Estate - 134 years ago

One hundred and thirty-four years ago, on Tuesday 7 June 1887, Belgrave and Riverview Estate was available for sale.

Come take a stroll down memory lane of the history of your local area. 

The perfect gift for loved ones who delight in their Taringa community!

1914 Chelmer Railway Estate

 Taringa-Belgrave and Riverview Estate

Compare the 1936 Aerial Photo of the Belgrave and Riverview Estate with the present day Google Maps

Newspaper Advertisement

The Telegraph - Tuesday 7 June 1887 - Page 8


JOHN W. TODD has for PRIVATE SALE, very cheap; the greater portion of the purchase money can remain on mortgage at 8 percent.:-


Situated at South Toowong.  This magnificent Estate fronts Swan’s road, Taringa, is close to two railway stations, two primary schools, and in the midst of an aristocratic and wealthy settlement.  It possesses beautiful views of the river, the city, and the surrounding suburbs.  The areas are all large, and the prices range from £50 each upwards, and terms to suit.  The estate overlooks South Toowong, and is opposite the residence and grounds of R. Gailey, Es.  Plans on application.

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