1913 Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision - 110 years ago today

Today, 110 years ago, on Saturday, 9 August 1913, the Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision in Darra was being advertised for sale.

Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision Map

1913 Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision - Darra, Brisbane

The Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision covers Railway Parade (map shows as Railway Terrace), Darra Station Road (map shows as Station Road), Scotts Road (map shows as Oates Parade), Lee Road, Balfour Street (map shows as Nelson Road), Rowe Terrace (map shows as Gladstone Road), Harcourt Road, Winslow Street (map shows as Cavendish Road), Gordon Avenue and Livingstone Road.

Google map showing the present day location of Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision

Check out the 1946 Aerial view of the Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision.

1946 Aerial Photo of Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision

1936 Aerial Photo of Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision

More Darra information available

Newspaper Advertisement - The Telegraph - Page 12

Saturday, 26 July 1913

Oatland Estates

Wait for Darra!

The pioneers of large homestead blocks.

Darra - The Ideal Garden Suburb

Within 35 minutes of Brisbane

Come Out with the Crowd on Saturday 9th August.

Darra Station is on the estate, occupying the highest point between Brisbane and Goodna.

When we say the land is elevated, it is so. There is no swamps.

Those who can remember Taringa three years ago and to-day, can speak of how values have increased, the same thing will occur at Darra in less than that period.

We are offering the first division of the Estate at such prices to advertise the second portion.

The first comers will reap the benefit of being able to purchase a quarter-acre HOMESTEAD BLOCK from £5.

Terms: Ten Shillings Deposit, and Ten Shillings per month without interest. No rates to pay till 1914.

No limit to number of blocks to any one purchaser, quarter-acre to 30 acres may be had.

The future of this Estate is assured by its close proximity to the industrial town of Ipswich and the city of Brisbane.

Oatland Estates, 30 Telegraph Chambers, Second Floor, Queen Street, Brisbane.

Cut this out and post with your address.

Mr. _______________

Then we will mail you a plan.

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