1920 Donaldson Estate - Corinda - 101 years ago today

Happy 101st Birthday - Donaldson Estate in Corinda!

Today, 101 years ago, on Saturday 10th July 1920, the Donaldson Estate was available for sale on the ground.

1920 Donaldson Estate

1920 Corinda - Donaldson Estate

Donaldson Estate, Corinda includes the following streets:

  • Oxley Road
  • Clewley Street (map shows as Clewley Road)
  • Donaldson Street
  • Nelson Street
  • Hassall Street (map shows as Hassall Road)
  • Probyn Street (map shows as Short Street)
  • Clara Street
  • Hall Avenue (map shows as Street)

Come take a stroll down memory lane of the history of your local area. 

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Compare the 1936 Aerial Photo of the Donaldson Estate with the present day Google Maps

(swipe left/right to see the changes)


 Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement

The Brisbane Courier - Saturday 10 July 1920 - Page 8

This Day on the ground at 3pm.
74 Tiptop Allotments and 3-acre block, 
The Reserves are Low
The terms are easy, only £1 deposit and £1 per month, interest at 6 percent. 
final payments in 36 months.
37 trains daily, you will require either the 1.25pm or 2.20pm from Central.
Get a Plan and Buy
Blockside & Ferguson, Ltd - Auctioneers, 41 Queen Street, City.

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