1920 Glen Kedron South - Section 2 - 103 years ago today

Today, 103 years ago, on Saturday, 18 September 1920, the Glen Kedron South Estate in Gordon Park was being advertised for sale on the ground.

Glen Kedron South - Section 2 Map

1920 Glen Kedron South Estate - Section 2 - Gordon Park, Brisbane

The Glen Kedron South Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Glen Kedron South - Section 2 covers Stafford Road, Suez Street (map shows as First Avenue), Swan Street (map shows as Second Avenue), Goulburn Street (map shows as Third Avenue), Jack Street (map shows as Fourth Avenue), Barron Street (map shows as Fifth Avenue), Little Barron Street (map shows as Sixth Avenue), Rose Lane (map shows as Seventh Avenue), Groom Street (map shows as Rose Street), Shamrock Street, Rentoul Street (map shows as Lane), Tyson Street, McCord Street, Gympie Road (map shows as Main Gympie Road) and Lasseter Street (map shows as First Avenue).

Google map showing the present day location of Glen Kedron South - Section 2

Check out the 1936 Aerial view of the Glen Kedron South - Section 2.

1936 Aerial Photo of Glen Kedron South - Section 2

1936 Aerial Photo of Glen Kedron South - Section 2

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Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 8

This day at 3 o'clock
Actually adjoining the tram terminus, overlooking Kedron Park Racecourse, and known for many years as Barron's Paddock.

Water and Gas Mains pass, all level and undulating grassy ridges, extending back to Gordon Park and the Thistle Estate.
The Second Section of 150 allotments includes all of the Dress Circle Allotments on Fifth Avenue, and several acre and half-acre market garden blocks, with frontages to Kedron Brook.
There is no land in the market so good, so cheap, so convenient, and so picturesque, and the district is going ahead with leaps and bounds.
Attractive Terms: £1 deposit & 10/s per month (at 6 percent interest) for each £50

Plans from Isles, Love & Co., Auctioneers
Gratuity Bonds will be accepted, subject to the approval of the Commissioner.

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