1922 Darra - Is the Place for Me - Song

Darra "Is the Place for Me" (1922)

This song about Darra was created by Roy Nelson and Published by R. G. Oates Estates. Have a listen to this rendition of the song by the Sheet Music Singer.

Darra (1922)

Created by Roy Nelson / Published by R.G. Oates Estates, Brisbane.

1. Around the dear old commonwealth, I've traveled many miles
I've seen the different places with their different ways and styles
The sights of Sydney famed among the beauty spots of earth
The lights of marvelous Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth
But if you were to ask me where's the place I love the best
I'd answer, "Give me Darra you are welcome to the rest"


So, I'm going back again to Darra, Darra where I know they'll welcome me
Back with all the folks in Darra, how happy there I'll be
I don't own a mansion in a swell town or a cottage by the sea
But there's a little bungalow in Darra, and it's home sweet home to me

2. In wealthy southern capitals some folks delight to live
They idolize the city for the pleasures it can give
But I prefer it otherwise far from the giddy throng
A humble cot neath Queensland skies that's just where I belong
And let me tell you of a spot that suits me to a "T"
A little place called Darra, that's the only spot for me


Oatland Estates

R. G. Oates was the principal of the Oatland Estates.

In 1913 Oatland Estates were selling land in Darra with the 1st section of land on Saturday, 9 August 1913, and the 2nd section of land on Saturday, 6th December, 1913.   

Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision Map

1913 Darra Estate - 1st Subdivision - Darra, Brisbane


Darra Estate - 2nd Subdivision Map

1913 Darra Estate - 2nd Subdivision - Darra, Brisbane

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