1923 Williams' Nursery Estate - 101 years ago today

Today, 101 years ago, on Saturday, 3rd February 1923, the Williams' Nursery Estate in Runcorn was being advertised for sale.

Williams' Nursery Estate Map

1923 Williams' Nursery Estate - Runcorn, Brisbane

The Williams' Nursery Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Williams' Nursery Estate covers Beenleigh Road (map shows as Government Road), Nursery Avenue, Nemies Road (map shows as Government Road), Persse Road (map shows as Government Road), Monak Street, Bultarra Street, Marika Street, Regency Hieghts, Celica Street, Lexus Street, Mako Street, Vidler Close, Bolwell Street, Basking Street, Honeybrook Street, Tanglewood Street, Ferntree Court, Pinetree Place, Silkyoak Street, Oakville Street, Young Place, Whitewood Place, Lakefield Place and Sester Place.

Google map showing the present day location of Williams' Nursery Estate

Check out the 1946 Aerial view of the Williams' Nursery Estate.

1946 Aerial Photo of Williams' Nursery Estate

1946 Aerial Photo of Williams' Nursery Estate

More Runcorn information available

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 10

Saturday, 3 February 1923

This Day at 3pm on the Ground
10 Minutes from the Runcorn Railway Station on the South Coast Line
Fronting Main Road and Railway Line.
To Cotton Growers, Poultry Raisers, Orchardists, Strawberry Growers, and those desirous of obtaining small country freeholds for residential purposes, having good access to the city.
120 acres of Rich Loam Flats to Red Volcanic Ridges. Subdivided into 22 Farmlets up to 5 acres and 15 Residential Blocks.
The People's Terms: £5 cash deposit & £1 per month for each £50 of purchase money or part thereof. Interest at 6 percent. Final Payment, 36 months.
Plans Ready, Obtain One and Inspect.
Train Leaves South Brisbane, 1.25; leaves Runcorn 6.0 and 6.23.
Blocksidge and Ferguson, Ltd Auctioneers, will sell by auction, as above, 41 Queen Street, and Clayfield.

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