1933 Mitchelton - Mitchelton View Estate - 88 years old today

Happy 88th Birthday Mitchelton View Estate in Mitchelton!

On this day, Saturday 20th May in 1933, the Mitchelton View Estate was available for sale on the ground at 3.15pm.

1933 Mitchelton - Mitchelton View Estate

Compare the 1936 Aerial Photo of the Mitchelton area 

1936 Aerial Photo of Mitchelton - Mitchelton View Estate

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Telegraph - Page 16

Friday 12th May 1933

... the points to look for in a seeking a Home Site...

Look for a home site that has its future before it. It is there that you will buy at lowest cost and there that natural progress will enhance the value of your investment. 57 high and lawn-like Home Sites over 24 perches each and facing well made metal roads within 5 minutes walk of Mitchelton and Gaythorne Railway Stations, with store, schools, churches and sports ground close by, and with water and electric light available - these are the incomparable advantages of Mitchelton View Estate, the most progressive suburb.

Low Deposit and Easy Terms
Several Allotments to be sold without reserve.
By Auction, Saturday, May 20 at 3.15pm
On the Ground, Taylor's Road (off Samford Road), Mitchelton (near station).
For Home Sites of Real Beauty
B. F. Canniffe Pty Ltd, 366 Queen Street, Phone 'B' 3568 - See Canniffe First

 Map showing the location of the Mitchelton View Estate.

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