Molonga Estate - 100 years old today

Today is the 100 year anniversary of the auction of the Molonga Estate in Graceville. The Molonga Estate was auctioned on Saturday, 7th February 1920 by the Cameron Brothers at 3pm.


Molonga Estate

This Molonga Estate map shows the following streets in Graceville.

  • Bank Road, Graceville
  • Molonga Terrace, Graceville
  • Young Street, Graceville
  • Wylie Street, Graceville
  • Fraser Street, Graceville
  • Part of Honour Avenue, Graceville
  • Kianga Street, Graceville
  • Part of Bell Terrace, Graceville

It was advertised in the Brisbane Telegraph on Friday 6 February 1920.

Molonga Estate Newspaper 

Happy Birthday Molonga Estate!  Where will you be in another 100 years?

Find out more information here: 1920 Graceville - Molonga Estate

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  • Mina Young

    Molonga Estate was owned by my great grandmother Ruby née Johnstone Young and her husband James Edgar Young. James known as Edgar was an architect and collector for the British Museum. He designed and built their first house at 5 Molonga Terrace called Molonga and then designed / built and moved to 4 Bank rd also called Molonga after Ruby’s family homes in North QLD. Ruby was one of the first female JP’s in QLD and was involved in the founding of the Womens Electoral Lobby in QLD. She also donated the land for the Scout Hall in Young st. They were also were involved in starting the QLD Naturalist Society and were some of the founders of the Arboretum there is a hoop pine there planted by Edgar. They were both very active in Brisbane society.

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