1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate
1883 West End - Montague Estate

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1883 West End - Montague Estate

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Estate Map showing Montague Estate which is now part of current day West End

The Montague Estate for sale by Auction on the Ground on Saturday December 22 at half past 2 pm.

Street names shown on the map:

  • Montague Road
  • Government Road (now Jane Street)
  • Musgrave Street
  • Anthony Street
  • Waterview Terrace (now Buchanan Street)

The map covers the present day streets:

  • Montague Road, West End
  • Jane Street, Windsor
  • Musgrave Street, Windsor
  • Anthony Street, Windsor
  • Buchanan Street, Windsor

Year: 1883

Date: Saturday, 22 December 1883

Location: West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • The Montague Estate for Sale Saturday, 22nd December on the ground is just in time for the prudent to secure and the generous to present Christmas Boxes and New Year Gifts to last all time.
  • Luncheon at 2 sharp.
  • Adjoining Hockings' Nursery
  • View from Montague Estate
  • Being Subdivisions of Portions 17 & 18, Parish of South Brisbane
  • Local Sketch
  • Brisbane River
  • Montague Estate
  • Hockings Nursery
  • Hogans Saw Mills
  • Railway Station
  • Stanley Street
  • Bridge
  • Supreme Court and Law Offices
  • Town Hall
  • Museum
  • Queen Street
  • Elizabeth Street
  • James Cameron Auctioneer
  • McNaught Lith

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 8

This Day

John Cameron has received instructions to sell by public auction, on the ground on Saturday, 22nd December at half-past two o'clock.

The Montague Estate, comprising 78 subdivisions of portions 17 and 18, Parish of South Brisbane.

This Estate is situated between the river bank and the Montague Road and adjoins Hockings' Nursery, being between that place and the residence of Mr Hardgrave, jr.

It is immediately opposite J. F. Mc Dougall Esq's Milton Estate, on the other side of the river and is within a few minutes drive of the bridge and of Queen Street, and is therefore admirably adapted for residences of all persons whose daily avocations take them to the city, the means of access being excellent, as omnibuses pass the estate all day long.

The view from the estate is very varied and charming embracing the Milton Reach of the River, the North Quay, Spring Hill, from the Normanby to the Observatory, Taylor's Range and numerous other places equally well known.

Among other advantages which this estate enjoys, there is one which adds materially to the intrinsic value of its allotments, and that is a plentiful supply of excellent water can be procured on any part of it by sinking a few feet.

The value of an unlimited supply of good water in this climate can only be estimated by those who have experienced its want, and it is now an acknowledged fact that one of the most important factors in the preservation of health is an ample supply of pure water.

One other matter which is worth mentioning is that there are two ferries, one beyond and the other on the city side, both available for traffic to and from this estate, besides the omnibuses.

The auctioneer wishes particularly to direct attention to the fact that this estate is in the very midst of the thickly settled portions of South Brisbane and also that such positions as this are daily becoming more scarce and more eagerly sought after by all classes of the community.

Therefore, the logical deduction is that now is the time to buy if you wish to secure for yourselves or children a valuable property at a minimum of cost.

Lithographs are now ready and may be obtained on application.

Montague Estate, South Brisbane.
Luncheon at 2pm.
Terms at Sale.