1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate
1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate

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1885 Graceville - The Graceville Estate

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Estate Map showing the Graceville Estate in Graceville

The Graceville Estate to be sold on the ground on Saturday 10th October at 2 o’clock sharp.

Street names shown on the map:

  • Government Road (now Verney Road East)
  • Graceville Avenue
  • Government Road (now Oxley Road)
  • Rose Street (now Erroll Street)
  • Ellen Street (now Davidson Street)
  • Eliza Street (doesn't exist anymore)
  • Alice Street (doesn't exist anymore)

The map covers the present day streets:

  • Verney Road East, Graceville
  • Graceville Avenue, Graceville
  • Part of Oxley Road, Graceville
  • Erroll Street, Graceville
  • Davidson Street, Graceville
  • Gamble Street, Graceville
  • Luke Street, Graceville
  • Nadine Street, Graceville
  • Strong Avenue, Graceville

Year: 1885

Date: Saturday, 10th October 1885

Location: Graceville, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Close to the Southern & Western Railway Station
  • 323 splendid allotments
  • Luncheon provided
  • Railway tickets free
  • Extra Large Frontages to the Brisbane River
  • Trains leave Brisbane Station at 1:25 and (Special) at 1:40pm
  • Terms Quarter cash, balance at 4, 8, 12 and 16 months with 8% interest added
  • G. K. Jopp Surveyor
  • Warwick & Sapsford, Litho., Eagle Street, Brisbane
  • G. T. Bell Auctioneer in conjunction with A. Lucas & Co.
  • Public Reserve
  • Local Sketch
  • Brisbane River
  • Indooroopilly Station
  • Chelmer Station
  • Graceville Station
  • Sherwood Station
  • South Brisbane Branch Railway
  • Oxley Creek

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 7

This Day (Saturday) 10th October on the ground at 2 o'clock


The GRACEVILLE commands the most lovely views obtained in this beautiful district, 320 Grand Allotments. All Good. All Good. 32 passenger trains pass daily.

The Graceville Estate is only a few chains from the Graceville Railway Station. Access by Road, Rail and River. River Frontages. Half-Acres.

Just over the Indooroopilly Bridge. Government Frontages.

G. T. Bell (in conjunction with A. Lucas & Co.), has received instructions to sell by public auction, on the Ground, on SATURDAY, 10th October, at Two o'clock.

That magnificent property known as the Graceville Estate, only a few chains from the Indooroopilly Bridge and Graceville Railway Station, between Chelmer and Sherwood railway stations.

The Graceville Estate is bounded by the government road to Sherwood and the Brisbane River, and on every point the most suberb views can be obtained.

For Health, Situation, Choice Sites, Magnificent Scenery, Easy Access, Prolific Soil and Nature's Advantages.

THE GRACEVILLE is par excellence the Finest Estate yet offered for public competition.

Read what his Excellency Sir Anthony Musgrave said at a gathering on Friday last:-

"He had devoted some attention to the signs of the times, and thought that a cycle of good seasons was coming, and that next year and the following would be prosperous ones. It therefore behoved them to gird up their loins in preparation for the good times coming."

Read what the talented Actuary of the A.M.P. Society says on tho same date at another gathering, the occasion being the laying of the foundation stone of a building which will probably cost £80,000:-

"He emphatically asserted his opinion that the golden egg prosperity is before us, and not behind us, and that this rich colony is only on the threshold of its greatness."

Read what Sir Thomas M'llwraith said in the House with regards to residence sites near Brisbane:-

"Nearly all the land had been parted with."

Quite right, Sir Thomas; but the Auctioneers would point out to you and the public that there are still 320 of the most superb Residence Sites to be sold in the Graceville Estate on Saturday, 10th October at 2 o'clock.

Read what the Poet says:

"O sweet retirement, friend to life's decline,
Retreat from care that I may claim as mine,
How blest is he who crowns on scenes like these
A youth of labour with an age of ease."

Read what the Auctioneer says:-

In inviting the special attention of all classes of purchasers to this exceptionally grand property, one of the very few now remaining, and although the proposed now Act relating to the subdivision of land is by some condemned as unnecessarily stringent, the Auctioneers desire very particularly to draw the attention of their friends and the general public to the fact that this charming Estate has been laid out on a most liberal scale. The roads are far in excess of the requirements of the proposed Act. There are no 22ft lanes whatever, and the main Graceville Avenue, a chain wide, is nearly a mile in length. Neither is there an insalubrious or insanitary spot to disfigure this choice and charming township. Here kind nature has done good work, and invites our weary workers to adorn it with smiling homesteads.

A glance at the sketch of locality will be sufficient to convince the keen-eyed speculator that this is a neighbourhood which is certain to increase in value enormously. Situated in a triangle, having for one side the double suburban line of the busy Southern and Western Railway; on the other side the scarcely less busy South Brisbane suburban line; and for its base the noble expanses of the Brisbane River. These triple advantages of easy, pleasant and swift communication, to which are added excellent roads and fertile soil, mark this Estate as one of unusual value, either for immediate residence or as a lucrative investment. This is a genuine bona-fide chance , and we invite our friends accordingly. The proprietors are men of business, and mean business. They have instructed us "to sell".

Free passes any day to inspect the Estate can be obtained from the Auctioneers. Special trains on day of sale there and back. Free Luncheon.