1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate
1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate

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1886 East Brisbane - Heathfield Estate

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Map showing Heathfield Estate which is now part of current day East Brisbane

To be sold by Auction on the Ground Saturday, 27th February 1886, 2 o'clock sharp.

Street names shown on the map:

  • Burlington Street
  • Clarendon Street
  • Ashfield Road
  • Govt Road (now Lytton Road)
  • Govt Road (now Heath Street)
  • Govt Road (now Mowbray Terrace)
  • Unnamed road (now Northcote Street)
  • Unnamed road (now Heidelberg Street)

The map covers the present day streets:

  • Burlington Street, East Brisbane
  • Clarendon Street, East Brisbane
  • Ashfield Road, East Brisbane
  • Lytton Road, East Brisbane
  • Heath Street, East Brisbane
  • Mowbray Terrace, East Brisbane
  • Northcote Street, East Brisbane
  • Heidelberg Street, East Brisbane

Year: 1886

Date: Saturday, 27 February 1886

Location: East Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Terms: Quarter Cash, balance at 4, 8, & 12 months with 8 p.c. added
  • Local Sketch
  • Kangaroo Point
  • Main Street
  • Shafston Road
  • Shafston House
  • Prince Street
  • Linton Street
  • Bus Stand
  • Rope Works
  • V. Power Esquire
  • Mrs Mowbray's Residence
  • Lytton Road
  • Brisbane River
  • Norman's Creek
  • Garden Ferry
  • Ferry
  • Steam Ferry
  • Custom House
  • Queen Street
  • Charlotte Street
  • Alice Street
  • Government House
  • Woolloongabba Hotel
  • Woolloongabba Railway Station
  • South Brisbane Railway
  • Dry Dock
  • Stanley Street
  • Geo. Raff Esq
  • Hon. S. W. Griffith
  • Hon. J. S. Turner
  • Arthur Martin & Co, Auctioneers
  • Hamilton & Raff Surveyors
  • Warwick & Sapsford, Litho, Brisbane

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - Brisbane Courier - Page 7

This Day

In response to the hundreds of applicants who wanted to purchase privately in


The Auctioneers have the pleasure in announcing receipt of instructions from the the Proprietors to

offer the unsold balance for sale on the ground.

On the above date, the unsold allotments in the celebrated HEATHFIELD ESTATE,

Situated directly opposite the residences of Mrs Mowbray, V. Power Esq, and the Eskgrove Estate.

Adjoining Captain Heath's residence, the Mowbraytown Estate, close to Shafston, the residence of C. M. Foster Esq.

Within a few yards of the Ropework




Terms:- Quarter cash: Balance 4, 8 and 12 months, bearing 8 per cent interest

To Capitalists, Speculators, Merchants, Commission Agents, Clerks, Mechanics and Others.

Arthur Martin & Co. have been favoured with instructions from the Proprietors to sell by public auction, on the ground on Saturday afternoon, 27th February commencing at half-past two o'clock sharp, the balance of the Heathfield Estate, Kangaroo Point, comprising 200 magnificent allotments.

Being Subdivisions of Portions 80, 81 and 84, South Brisbane.

This beautiful property is situate within 15 minutes walk of the Kangaroo Point Ferry, only one remove from the Ropeworks, adjoining the Mowbray Estate, and in the centre of a fast rising and most important district.

It occupies an enviable position.

its beautiful elevation, its choice aspect, picturesque scenery, fashionable surroundings, superb views, comprised with the healthiness of the locality,

And its peculiarly favourable position on account of its close proximity to the city, should commend it to anyone on the lookout for Residence Sites, or may require any.

Such a chance is not likely to be offered again of securing a property in such a quiet locality, and at the same time so close to the city, that it must be regarded as nothing elso than

an integral part of same, at such ridiculously low prices as the

Heathfield Estate will be sold for

At the last sale held on the ground every allotment offered was disposed of, and the Auctioneers now are to dispose of every lot if time permits.

The owner's limits are so absurdly low that it is almost equal to selling without reserve.

It is no exaggeration whatever to assert that this Estate is the best and most suitable for building purposes that has been offered in Brisbane this season.

Its situation in such close proximity to the city; its formation, which consists of gentle undulating slopes, rendering drainage an easy matter and many other important features which require no special allusion to, contrive to render it

Superior not alone to anything that has been offered this season, but for years back.

The neighbourhood is so well and favourably known that it requires no special comment to localise it; suffice it to say that for

residence sites, suitable for every class and in every walk of life, the mansion as well as the villa, these lots are of a far superior nature to what people have been used to of late.

The attention of speculators, capitalists, and the business public is especially directed to this sale the main road frontages, on which there is considerable traffic, are splendid business sites.

Lithos. Ready.

Sale on the ground, Saturday, 27th February.

Cabs and other Conveyances engaged to convey intending Purchasers and their Friends to the ground free of charge