1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township
1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township

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1887 Kuraby - Spring Creek Township

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Estate Map showing the Spring Creek Township in Kuraby

Plan of the Spring Creek Township. For sale at the Gaiety Theatre, Saturday, 30th April at 2pm.

Street names shown on the map:

  • St Patrick's Avenue (now St Patrick Avenue)
  • St Andrew's Street (now St Andrew Street)
  • Government Road (now Allbutt Street)
  • St George's Street (now St George Street)
  • St David's Street (now St Davids Street)
  • Government Road (now Beenleigh Road)

The map covers the present day streets:

  • St Patrick Avenue, Kuraby
  • St Andrew Street, Kuraby
  • Allbutt Street, Kuraby
  • Allingham Street, Kuraby
  • St George Street, Kuraby
  • St Davids Street, Kuraby
  • Beenleigh Road, Kuraby

Year: 1887

Date: Saturday, 30 April 1887

Location: Kuraby, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Being unsold resubs of subs 1 and 3 of Portion 51, Parish of Yeerongpilly
  • Logan Railway Line
  • Railway Fence
  • Local Sketch
  • South Coast Railway
  • Spring Creek Station
  • Runcorn Station
  • Gatekeeper's House
  • Beaudesert Road
  • Beenleigh Road
  • Waterford Road
  • R. J. Cottell, Auctioneer
  • Gordon and Gotch Lithographs
  • J. J. Gleeson, Licensed Surveyor

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Telegraph - Page 8

Wednesday, 27 April 1887

Saturday, April 30
At Gaiety Theatre
To Close Partnership Accounts
Without the Slightest Reserve
Must Be All Sold.
Spring Creek Township
South Coast Railway
At Spring Creek Station
Magnificent Soil! Pretty Views! Large Allotments!
Frontages to Main Road and Railway Line
R. J. Cottell (successor to John Cameron) has received instructions from the proprietors to sell by public auction, at the Gaiety Theatre, Adelaide Street, on Saturday April 30 at 2pm.
Absolutely Unreserved
To Close Partnership Accounts
The Unsold lots in the Spring Creek Township, being subdivisions of Part of Portion 51, Yeerongpilly and comprising 151 splendid villa sites.

In directing attention to this important sale, the Auctioneer desires simply to place before the public a short statement of the whereabouts and capabilities of the place, and will then ask them to draw their own conclusions, and to enable would be purchasers to do this by thoroughly inspecting the allotments, the public are herby informed that a train leaves the Stanley Street station at 9am, returning from Spring Creek at 3pm every day, thus affording ample time for inspection.

This place must become of very great value and importance from the fact that it is situated at the point where the MAIN ROAD TO UPPER LOGAN, BEAUDESERT, BEENLEIGH, AND WATERFORD CROSSES THE SOUTH COAST RAILWAY, and close to where these roads branch off to the various places, and anyone who is at all acquainted with the history of the colonies must be well aware that such a place as this is invariably the SITE OF A FLOURISHING TOWN.

Nor must it be forgotten that the CONTRACT FOR THE SECTION TO SOUTHPORT is now being carried out, and there is no doubt that this will give the whole district such a push as will enhance the value of all lands very greatly.

Everything is in favour of this being the case here, for all the really necessary concomitants of a thriving settlement are here, FIRST CLASS SOIL, UNLIMITED WATER SUPPLY, WELL DRAINED SLOPES, RAILWAY COMMUNICATIONS, MAIN GOVERNMENT ROADS, and a well-to-do population already settled in the locality, point beyond all doubt to the early establishment of a PROSPEROUS TOWN on this spot, and to the absolute certainty of everyone who is lucky enough to purchase here making VERY LARGE SUMS OF MONEY by their purchases. It is an absolute fact that on all the main roads out of Sydney land in the same relative position and distance from the metropolis as this is SELLING AT FROM £4 TO £20 PER FOOT FRONTAGE; and, as nothing but time is required to see Brisbane with as largea population as Sydney now has, there is a positive assurance that the same values will hold good in out suburbs someday as they now do there. The conclusion, therefore, is an obvious one, that NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY.

Who would have thought, ot who did think, say only four or five years ago, that land would have been so valuable in all the leading streets of Brisbane as it is now? And how many are there who, either from force of circumstance or other causes, have had to part with their land about that time, have seen others make fortunes out of it over and over again?

That there has been AN IMMENSE ADVANCE in patent to everybody, and that hosts of people have realised large fortunes by that advance is also patent, and the present writer is firmly of opinion that there are still as good chances as ever of making lots of money, but you must go further away from the centre to do it.

SPRING CREEK is therefore the very place so do not lose the chance.
No Reserve
Must be sold to close partnership accounts.
Lithographs now ready.
Saturday, April 30.