1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate
1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate

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1899 Auchenflower - Dunmore Estate

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Estate Map showing Dunmore Estate in Auchenflower

Dunmore Estate, Cribb's Paddock, Milton, to be sold by auction on the ground Saturdays, 2nd, 9th & 16th November 1899 at 2.30pm on each day.

Street names shown on the map:

  • Milton Road
  • Ridley Street
  • Grimes Street
  • Aldridge Street
  • Hobbs Street
  • Challinor Street
  • Huxham Terrace
  • Eagle Terrace
  • Railway Lane (now Cue Street)
  • Lang Parade
  • Chasely Street
  • Lima Street
  • Fortitude Street
  • Kingsford Street
  • Dunmore Terrace
  • River Road (now Coronation Drive)
  • Camford Street
  • John Street (now Roy Street)
  • Kilroe Street

The map covers the present day streets:

  • Milton Road, Auchenflower
  • Ridley Street, Auchenflower
  • Grimes Street, Auchenflower
  • Aldridge Street, Auchenflower
  • Hobbs Street, Auchenflower
  • Challinor Street, Auchenflower
  • Huxham Terrace, Auchenflower
  • Eagle Terrace, Auchenflower
  • Cue Street, Auchenflower
  • Lang Parade, Auchenflower
  • Chasely Street, Auchenflower
  • Lima Street, Auchenflower
  • Fortitude Street, Auchenflower
  • Kingsford Street, Auchenflower
  • Dunmore Terrace, Auchenflower
  • Coronation Drive, Auchenflower
  • Camford Street, Auchenflower
  • Roy Street, Auchenflower
  • Kilroe Street, Auchenflower

Year: 1899

Date: Saturdays, 2nd, 9th & 16th November 1899

Location: Auchenflower, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Dunmore Estate, Cribb's Paddock, Milton, comprising 461 Magnificent Allotments
  • Being Subs of Resubs 1, 2 and 3 of Sub. A of Portions 39 to 41, and Re-subs of Subs B, C, and D of Portions 17 to 19, Parish of Enoggera.
  • Marveously Liberal Terms, One-tenth Cash, balance up to 5 years with 4 per cent. added.
  • Dunmore Estate, Cribbs Paddock, Milton Panaramic View of the River looking towards Town.
  • Free Trains, 'Buses and Cabs
  • South and Western Railway
  • Auchenflower Station
  • Stationmaster's Residence
  • Access to Railway Station
  • Proposed Overbridge
  • Auchenflower, Sir T. McIllwraith's Residence
  • Moorlands, I. Mayne Esq, Residence
  • Mr R. Cribbs House to be removed
  • Cottage to be removed
  • Iron Bee Factory to be removed
  • Iron Store to be removed
  • Local Sketch
  • Dunmore Estate
  • Sir T. McIllwraith, Auchenflower
  • I. Mayne Esq, Moorlands
  • R. W. Macdonnell Esq
  • Captain Townley
  • Sheehan Estate
  • Milton Terrace
  • Castlemaine Brewery
  • Bishopbourne
  • Auchenflower Station
  • Milton Station
  • Isles, Love & Co, Auctioneers
  • D. F. Maclean, Surveyor, Chancery Chambers, George St
  • Outridge Printing Co, 2-9-99

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Telegraph - Page 12 - Saturday, 2 September 1899.

Today is the sale of the Dunmore Estate (Cribb's Paddock, Milton) at 2.30pm on the ground.

How to get there:

Free trains from Central at 1.10, 1.20, 1.45 and 2.30.

Free Omnibuses from G.P.O. every fifteen minutes.

Free Cabs from G.P.O. every five minutes.

Free Railways Tickets from Isles, Love & Co., Auctioneers.

Newspaper Advertisement - The Telegraph - Page 5 - Friday, 15 September 1899.

An Interview With the Auctioneers of the Dunmore Estate.

A representative of this journal waited upon Mr. James Love in reference to the sales of the above estate. Mr. Love was, as usual, deeply immersed in business, but was able to spare time to answer a few of our inquiries, as follows :—

"Have the sales as yet come up to your expectations?"

Mr. Love: "Certainly not: we should have sold every allotment offered, at the low prices that we have on them."

"How do your prices realised compare with boom values?"

Mr. Love: "About one-fourth as much. If Sir Thomas M'llwraith's offer, of £100,000 made in 1888 for the estate had been accepted, the net acreage of the estate being 68 acres ex roads, he would have had to average £1,500 an acre to clear himself, and now we are only getting a total average of less than £350 per acre.

"People do not realise, then, what bargains they are getting?"

Mr. Love: "No; very few of the buyers seem to have made comparisons between the present value of the allotments adjoining Toowong, Albion and Bowen Hills railway stations, which are worth hundreds and these allotments which they are selling so cheaply."

"The last sale takes place tomorrow?"

Mr. Love: "Yes, and that will be the last chance of buying, as the vendors have decided shortly after the auction sale to absolutely withdraw the unsold allotments from sale and hold them for considerably higher prices, or else hand them over to the beneficiaries."

"What is tbe present total sale?"

Mr. Love: "One hundred and ninety-two allotments have been sold for £12,538."

The map includes the following locations:

  • Auchenflower Railway Station
  • Milton Park
  • Dunmore Park
  • Urban Climb Milton
  • John Oxley Centre
  • Jetts Milton
  • Wesley Medical Centre
  • Toowong Football Club
  • The Wesley Hospital
  • The Oasis Apartments
  • Sylvan Grove Apartments
  • Steamtrain Espresso
  • Frog N' Toad
  • Fairthorpe Apartments
  • Deer Duck Bistro
  • Coronation Towers
  • Ciro's Italian
  • Chasely Apartments