1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich
1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich

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1930 Tivoli - Abermain Estate, Ipswich

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Estate Map showing the Abermain Estate in Tivoli, Ipswich

Abermain Estate, Tivoli, Ipswich. For Sale by Public Auction at the Mine Head Abermain, Friday, 17th October 1930 at 10am.

Street names shown on the map:

  • Main Tivoli Mt Crosby Road (now Mt Crosby Road)
  • Church Street
  • Wright Street
  • George Street
  • Hutchins Street
  • Church Street
  • Tivoli Street (now Mt Crosby Road)
  • Tantithy Street
  • Street (now Croyden Street)
  • Cowley Street
  • Hill Street
  • Ferrier Street
  • Morris Street
  • Wood Street
  • Black Street
  • Boundary Street
  • Moores Pocket Road
  • Laurel Court
  • Moores Pocket Road
  • Basin Pocket Street (now Blackall Street)
  • Bremer Parade
  • Springall Street
  • Bowers Street
  • Coal Street
  • Charlotte Street
  • Grenville Street
  • McLeod Street
  • McGill Street
  • Wyman Street (now Davidson Street)
  • Deacon Street
  • Goodwin Street
  • Norman Street
  • Jacaranda Street
  • Welsby Street
  • North Station Road
  • Bridge Street
  • Bergin Street
  • Gledson Street

The map covers the present day streets:

  • Mt Crosby Road, Tivoli
  • Church Street, Tivoli
  • Wright Street, Tivoli
  • George Street, Tivoli
  • Hutchins Street, Tivoli
  • Church Street, Tivoli
  • Mt Crosby Road, Tivoli
  • Tantithy Street, Tivoli
  • Croyden Street, Tivoli
  • Cowley Street, Tivoli
  • Hill Street, Tivoli
  • Ferrier Street, Tivoli
  • Morris Street, Tivoli
  • Wood Street, Tivoli
  • Black Street, Tivoli
  • Boundary Street, Tivoli
  • Mt Crosby Road, North Tivoli
  • Lumbye Place, North Tivoli
  • Vauxhall Street, North Tivoli
  • Moores Pocket Road, Moores Pocket
  • Laurel Court, Moores Pocket
  • Moores Pocket Road, Basin Pocket
  • Blackall Street, Basin Pocket
  • Bremer Parade, Basin Pocket
  • Springall Street, Basin Pocket
  • Bowers Street, Basin Pocket
  • Coal Street, Basin Pocket
  • Charlotte Street, Basin Pocket
  • Grenville Street, Basin Pocket
  • Howard Street, Basin Pocket
  • McLeod Street, Basin Pocket
  • Chermside Road, Basin Pocket
  • McGill Street, Basin Pocket
  • Davidson Street, Basin Pocket
  • Battye Street, Basin Pocket
  • Scott Lane, Basin Pocket
  • Deacon Street, Basin Pocket
  • Goodwin Street, Basin Pocket
  • Norman Street, Basin Pocket
  • Jacaranda Street, East Ipswich
  • Chermside Road, East Ipswich
  • Grafton Street, East Ipswich
  • Countess Street, East Ipswich
  • Blackall Street, East Ipswich
  • Joyce Street, East Ipswich
  • Woollen Mill Way, East Ipswich
  • Leslie Street, East Ipswich
  • Cotton Street, East Ipswich
  • Cardew Street, East Ipswich
  • Trumper Street, East Ipswich
  • Janice Street, East Ipswich
  • Tarcoola Street, East Ipswich
  • Farr Street, East Ipswich
  • Blackwood Street, East Ipswich
  • Nathan Street, East Ipswich
  • Callaghan Street, East Ipswich
  • Spengler Street, East Ipswich
  • Marcel Street, East Ipswich
  • Irvine Street, East Ipswich
  • Saxelby Street, East Ipswich
  • Cook Street, East Ipswich
  • Merrell Street, East Ipswich
  • Merrell Street, North Booval
  • Cook Street, North Booval
  • Butter Factory Road, North Booval
  • Burton Street, North Booval
  • Tuggerah Street, North Booval
  • Welsby Street, North Booval
  • Roma Street, North Booval
  • Thurso Street, North Booval
  • Caithness Street, North Booval
  • Stanley Street, North Booval
  • Slack Street, North Booval
  • Soudan Street, North Booval
  • Merrell Street, North Booval
  • North Station Road, North Booval
  • Bridge Street, North Booval
  • Bergin Street, North Booval
  • Gledson Street, North Booval
  • Wattle Street, North Booval
  • Alexandra Street, North Booval
  • Dudleigh Street, North Booval
  • Logan Street, North Booval
  • Janet Street, North Booval
  • Beth Street, North Booval
  • Elaine Street, North Booval
  • Winifred Street, North Booval
  • Baden Jones Way, North Booval
  • Nixon Drive, North Booval
  • Bickle Place, North Booval
  • Heit Court, North Booval
  • Vivian Hancock Drive, North Booval
  • Zannow Street, North Booval
  • Oxford Street, North Booval

Year: 1930

Date: Friday, 17 October 1930

Location: Tivoli, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

The map also includes the following text:

  • Under instructions from W. R. Black Esquire
  • The Whole to be offered in One Lot & if not sold, will be offered separately as follows: 14 Farms, Mostly River Frontages and Rich River Flats Suitable for Agriculture, Dairying and Market Gardening.
  • Also for Removal, Manager's Residence and Offices, All Mine Buildings, Stables, etc (suitable for removal to adjoining farms), All mining machinery and plant and several miles of rails, points, etc.
  • For further particulars, see catalogue.
  • The Abermain Colliery comprises one of the Most Extensive and Valuable Coal Properties in the West Moreton Coal Area - containing 1295 acres of which 605 carry surface Freehold. There are 7 seams of First-class Coal in the Mine, ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet in thickness, and the unworked area is estimated to produce over 30 million tons.
  • One of the Finest Coke propositions in Australia.
  • Included in the Sale is the Mines' Extensive Equipment as scheduled in Published Catalogue.
  • The property is connected by Abermain Branch Line to the Tivoli Railway Line.
  • Terms for Farms. One-fifth deposit, balance in 10 annual installments - bearing 6 1/2 per cent interest on half-yearly unpaid balances payable half-yearly.
  • Reference
  • Surface and Underground Freehold Rights = [red]
  • Underground Freeholds only and Mineral Rights = [green]
  • Local Sketch
  • City of Ipswich
  • Bremer River
  • Bundamba Creek
  • Sandy Creek
  • East Ipswich Station
  • Booval Station
  • Brisbane-Ipswich Railway
  • Butter Factory
  • Ipswich Woollen Mills
  • Parish of Ipswich
  • Parish of Chuwar
  • Passenger Ferry
  • Abermain Tramline
  • To Abermain Junction and Ipswich
  • Tivoli State School
  • Church
  • Power House
  • Engine / Boilers / Office / Workshops
  • Manager's House / Shed
  • Chutes and Bins / Fan House / Dip Engine / Poppet Head
  • Note: all dimensions are subject to registered plans
  • Scale = 8 chains to an inch
  • For further information and inspection apply to E. Bostock & Sons, Auctioneers
  • H. T. James, Lithographers, Telegraph Chambers, Queen Street, Brisbane.

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 26

Friday, 17 October 1930

Today (Friday)
at 10 o'clock at the Mine Head,
Tivoli, Ipswich.
Under instructions from the Union Trustee Company of Australia, Limited, 400 Queen Street, Brisbane, Executor and Trustee under the Will of the late W. R. Black.
Order of Sale
Lot 1. The Colliery
Lots 2 to 15. The Farms
Lots 15 to 26. Machinery, Plant, Buildings for Removal, Railways and Tramways.
Plans and Catalogues Available.
E. Bostock & Sons, Auctioneers, Ipswich, Q.