ANZAC Day - 1946 Aerial Photo - Darra / Richlands

In memory of those who have served our Country


This ANZAC day we are thinking about those who served our country.  We have done some research to highlight some of the evidence in aerial photos of the war effort in Brisbane.

Our ANZAC Series

Aerial Photo of 1946 Darra / Richlands

Camp Darra

In early 1942 Richlands became host to one of the largest U.S. Army Ordnance Depots in the South West Pacific. The Depot was constructed off Archerfield Rd, and to accommodate the personnel a camp was established in the vicinity of what is now known as McEwan Park.

(Queensland Government – Queensland WWII Historic Places)

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Compare the 1946 Aerial Photo with present day Google Maps

Our ANZAC Series

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