ANZAC Day - 1946 Aerial Photo - Mains Road / Kessels Road, MacGregor

In memory of those who have served our Country


This ANZAC day we are thinking about those who served our country.  We have done some research to highlight some of the evidence in aerial photos the war effort in Brisbane.

Our Anzac Series

Aerial Photo of 1946

3AAOD and 4AAOD Mt Gravatt Motor Vehicle Park

Established as a US Army motor pool in 1942, it was transferred to the Australian Army in 1943. The Mt Gravatt vehicle park, a motor transport repair and storage facility, was operated initially by the Australian 3rd Advanced Ordnance Depot and from 1944 by the 4th Advanced Ordnance Depot. The vehicle park with its repair facilities was located at the intersection of Kessels and Main Roads, near the Bulimba Creek Bridge. Kitchen, toilet and shower facilities were placed on the other side of Mains Road in an unused section of the Mt Gravatt Cemetery Reserve. The Australian Women’s Army Service undertook some of the work. At war’s end, the site stored the army vehicles that were ready for private sale.

(Queensland Government – Queensland WWII Historic Places)

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Our ANZAC Series

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