1881 Milton - View of Milton Road from John Fenwick's House

Milton in 1881 view from John Fenwick's House.

Milton Road and Milton Brewery, Brisbane, Queensland from John Fenwick's house, 1881.

Milton Brewery is visible to the left in this image. Milton Road is the dirt road. Milton train station, train line is to the right of this image

John Fenwick (1823-1900). Born in Newcastle, England in 1823, he married Ella Louie Wright and immigrated to Melbourne in 1854 following the Gold Rush. He applied for numerous leases in the Burdekin area out from the new settlement of Bowen in Queensland in the early 1860s. He wrote a diary covering 10-25 Nov 1863. His property was not successful and he came to Brisbane in 1864, setting up business as a hide and skin dealer and then a stock and station agent. His obituary details his connections with numerous organisations including the Freemasons.

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1899 Dunmore Estate - Auchenflower, Brisbane

Image Source: QUT Digital Collection - L'Estrange, Robert Augustus Henry (ca. 1881)

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