1921 View of Coopers Camp Road in Bardon.

1921 View of Coopers Camp Road in Bardon.

12 February 1921 - 103 years ago today
Image appearing in The Queenslander, 12 February 1921, p. 18
 "Another view down Cooper's Camp Road towards Enoggera"
1921 Coopers Camp Road, Bardon
On the left is Northam Estate and on the Right is the Jubilee Township.

Estate Maps

Northam Estate - 2nd Section Map

1919 Northam Estate - 2nd Section - Bardon, Brisbane

Jubilee Township Map

1887 Jubilee Township - Bardon, Brisbane 

In the 1887 Jubilee Township estate map, Coopers Camp Road was called "Proclamation Row" and in the 1919 Northam Estate map it was called "Main Cooper's Camp Road". Not sure when it changed name.

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