1886 East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock) - 138 years ago today

Today, 138 years ago, on Saturday, 15 May 1886, the East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock) in East Brisbane was being advertised for sale by auction on the ground.

East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock) Map

1886 East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock) - East Brisbane, Brisbane

The East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock) was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock) covers Vulture Street East (map shows as Vulture Street), Stanley Street East, Withington Street, Didsbury Street, Edgar Street, Caswell Street (map shows as Albert Street), Phipps Street, Biggs Street and Chorlton Street.

Google map showing the present day location of East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock)

Check out the 1946 Aerial view of the East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock).

1946 Aerial Photo of East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock)

1946 Aerial Photo of East Woolloongabba Estate (Darragh's Paddock)

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Newspaper Advertisement - Brisbane Courier - Page 7

Friday, 14 May 1886

Tomorrow on the ground.
Commencing at Two o'clock Sharp.
Comprising 326 ALLOTMENTS.
Frontages to the Continuation of Stanley Street.
Hundreds of Frontages to Norman Creek.
Creek Frontages.
Frontages to Vulture Street.
326 Allotments.
326 Allotments.
326 Allotments.
Tramway now running close by.
Convenient Position.
Splendid Investment.

Terms- Quarter Cash; Balance 4, 8 and 12 Months, bearing 8 per cent interest.

Arthur Martin & Co. have been favoured with instructions from the proprietor to sell by public auction, on the ground on Saturday, 15th May, commencing at Two o'clock sharp.

That magnificent building property, the EAST WOOLLOONGABBA Estate known as Darragh's Paddock, described as Portions 127 and 128, Parish of South Brisbane, and comprising 326 superior business and residence sites.

The mere mention of the fact of this property being situate in the centre of the flourishing suburb of East Woolloongabba is alone sufficient to satisfy the majority of the general public as to its merits and position without any further comment. However, in justice to the owners, and for the information of those new to Brisbane, it may be stated that it is only one remove from the celebrated Pott's Paddock and Deshon Estate, whilst it is close to the tramway line, which has been started.

It has long frontages to Stanley Street, Vulture Street, and Norman Creek, and is peculiarly well adapted for residence sites on account of its close proximity to the city, the splendid facilities for transit, and the lovely position it occupies.

It consists of nice elevated lands, in fact there is not one objectionable allotment in the whole Estate.

The Views are Extensive, the Soil Splendid, the Scenery Picturesque, the Aspect and Surroundings Good,

and many other invaluable qualities which might be quoted, but can be seen and understood by the meanest capacity (therefore unnecessary to allude to), contrive to render this properly superior to anything that has been offered in Brisbane for years.

Of all our Suburbs, Woolloongabba is undoubtedly the most progressive and important.

It is simply astonishing to see with what wonderful rapidity it has risen in the space of a few years from an unassuming outside place, with its few houses scattered here and there, to take the lead in regard to population and importance amongst the suburbs of our metropolis.

The neighbourhood of the property now being offered is thickly populated, and hundreds of respectable residences are being erected all round.

The sound of the carpenter's hammer, which is kept up day after day, drowns all others, and this symbol of prosperity is the first to attract the attention of the visitor.

Yet when you consider the relative positions of the Woolloongabba and other suburbs, the advancement of the city generally, and the fact that this direction is the best outlet for the flow of population, which has been daily pouring in our midst, you will come to the conclusion that it could not well help going ahead in the past, and that it cannot also help going ahead for the future.

A Bridge has been ejected over Norman Creek, connecting Stanley Street East with the Cleveland road.

The Woolloongabba Divisional Board are now calling for tenders for the formation of Stanley Street right through this Estate and the completion of the approaches to the bridge. As soon as this is finished all the traffic on the Cleveland Road must become diverted into Stanley Street East, thus constituting it a first-class business thoroughfare.

Another point which the auctioneers wish to call attention to is the close proximity of this estate to the centre of the city. By taking the Vulture Street route the distance of the Garden Ferry is no more than a comfortable ten minutes walk thus rendering omnibus, tramway or any other mode of conveyance almost unnecessary.

In conclusion, they would urge on their own personal friends and the public generally the importance of this sale, the superior advantages it offers for an investment, and the advisableness of inspecting it prior to the sale.

They are satisfied that anyone with half a head on him will perceive at a glance enough of its merit to induce him to buy on these grounds. They are thoroughly satisfied that inspection will mean purchasing, and will, therefore, only say Go and Inspect.

Lithos Ready.
Sale on the Ground.
Saturday, 15th May.

Hundreds of Cabs engaged to convey intending purchasers to the grounds free of charge.

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