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1886 Stanley Bridge Estate - 136 years ago today

Today, 136 years ago, on Saturday, 31 July 1886, the Stanley Bridge Estate in Coorparoo was being advertised for sale on the ground. 1886 Stanley Bridge Estate - Coorparoo, Brisbane The Stanley Bridge Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale.  The Stanley Bridge Estate covers Stanley Street East, Cavendish Road (map shows as Government Road), Birubi Street (map shows as Church Street), Thomas Street, Halifax Street (map shows as Landsdown Street), Milsom Street, Temple Street, Rowland Street, Landsdown Street and Rome Street. Check out the 1946 Aerial view of the Stanley Bridge Estate. 1946 Aerial Photo of Stanley Bridge Estate More Coorparoo information available Coorparoo Estate Maps Coorparoo Streets Historical Images - Coorparoo Aerial Photos...

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Air Raid Shelter in City for 11,670: Council Plans - January 1942

The Courier Mail - 3 January 1942 - page 3 Plans for the construction of 168 air raid shelters to provide protection for more than 11,670 persons in the city, South Brisbane, and Valley areas, were approved by the coordination committee of the City Council yesterday.

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