1920 O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 - 103 years ago today

Today, 103 years ago, on Saturday, 16 October 1920, the O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 in Grange was being advertised for sale.

O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 Map

1920 O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 - Grange, Brisbane

The O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 covers Grange Road, Prince Street, Consort Street, Dennis Street (map shows as Denis Street), Myrtle Street (map shows as May Street), Sellheim Street (map shows as May Street), Evelyn Street, Lanham Avenue (map shows as O'Connor Street), Days Road, Raymont Road (map shows as Sandeman Street), Stevenson Street, Thomas Street and Inglis Street (map shows as Savage Street).

Google map showing the present day location of O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2

Check out the 1936 Aerial view of the O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2.

1936 Aerial Photo of O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2

1936 Aerial Photo of O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2

More Grange information available

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 10

This day at 3 pm
Overlooking the new Windsor Sports Ground, and within easy walk of Windsor, Wilston and Newmarket Railway Stations, and not too far from the Bowen Bridge Trams.
200 Excellent Allotments, all nice slopes and ridge tops, surrounded by highly improved Estates, and as the area is so extensive everybody will get a show.
Especially considering that the Terms will be £1 Deposit and 10/s per month at 5 percent.
If you like Pure Air, If you want Healthy Surroundings, If you want Cheap Land sure to rise in value, buy some of Denny O'Connor's Paddock. Plans mailed to any address.
Isles, Love & Co., Auctioneers

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