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100 years old today - O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 - Grange

Happy 100th Birthday - O'Connor's Paddock Estate in Grange! Today, one hundred years ago, on Saturday 16th October 1920, the O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 was available for sale on the ground. 1920 Grange - O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2 O'Connor's Paddock - Section 2, Grange includes the following streets: Grange Road Prince Street Consort Street Denis Street (now Dennis Street) May Street (now Myrtle Street) May Street (now Sellheim Street) Evelyn Street O'Connor Street (now Lanham Avenue) Days Road Sandeman Street (now Raymont Road) Stevenson Street Thomas Street Savage Street (now Inglis Street) Come take a stroll down memory lane of the history of your local area.  The perfect gift for loved ones who delight in their local community! Compare the...

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