1929 Te-Koi Estate - 95 years ago today

Today, 95 years ago, on Saturday, 15 June 1929, the Te-Koi Estate in Windsor was being advertised for sale by auction on the ground.

Te-Koi Estate Map

1929 Te-Koi Estate - Windsor, Brisbane

The Te-Koi Estate was advertised in the local papers on the days leading up to the sale. 

Newspaper Advertisement

The Te-Koi Estate covers Gilbert Road and Cameron Street.

Google map showing the present day location of Te-Koi Estate

Check out the 1936 Aerial view of the Te-Koi Estate.

1936 Aerial Photo of Te-Koi Estate

1936 Aerial Photo of Te-Koi Estate

More Windsor information available

Newspaper Advertisement - The Brisbane Courier - Page 28

The Afternoon, Saturday 15th June at 3pm on the ground

TE-KOI Estate, Wilston

This choice subdivision is situated almost on the New Grange Tramline, close to King Street, facing Gilbert Road, near what they term the Fiveways, and comprises 13 Elevated sites.

With nice views, water and electric light, good roads. Each block has an area of over 20 perches, with wide frontages, handy to school and churches.

Easy Terms - £10 deposit and £2 per allotment per month. Interest 6 per cent. Call for Plan.

Isles, Love & Co., Limited - Auctioneers
F.E. Shortt & Co., Agents in conjunction.

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