William Flint Grocery & Produce Merchant, Paddington 1915

William Flint's Grocery & Produce Merchant, Paddington 1915

Historical Photos

This historical photo from 1915 shows the shop of William Flint Grocery & Produce Merchant.  This shop is located at 237 Given Terrace, Paddington and still exists today.  This image is available from the State Library Queensland (SLQ).

William Flint Grocer & Produce Merchant 1915

This building where William Flint had his shop still exists today at 237 Given Terrace Paddington and is currently the home of Urban X and Adavera Footwear.

Google Streetview

237 Given Terrace, Paddington

Paddington Estate Maps

We have a number of Estate Maps in Paddington and we have found a few references to this shop.

The 1884 Paddington Estate map shows the location of the building as Lot 10 on Given Terrace.

1884 Paddington Estate

Patrick Mayne's property was across the road from Flint's shop and was subdivided and sold as the Mayne Estate in 1920 .  The Mayne Estate map shows the location as "shops".

Mayne Estate

Newspaper Articles

William Flint's building also suffered a fire from one of William's cigarette butts being left on the floor on Sunday, 19 October 1924.  The fire was mentioned in the Telegraph the next day.

Telegraph - Fire in a Shop

FIRE IN A SHOP - Telegraph - Monday 20th October 1924 - Page 2

A fire which occurred in a grocer's shop at Given Terrace, Paddington about 3.40 p.m. yesterday, caused damage estimated at £100. The owner and occupant of the shop, Mr. William Flint, was attending to a motor-car in Given terrace, when he noticed smoke issuing from his shop. He immediately summoned the Ithaca Fire Brigade, but before the firemen arrived the flames had done considerable damage. Mr. Flint was of the opinion that the fire was caused by lighted cigarette butt, which he threw on the floor some time before leaving the shop.  Neither the building nor its contents are insured.

Other Pictures

The building has had a number of colour schemes as shown by this Google Streetview from 2007
Google Streetview - 237 Given Terrace, Paddington 

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