ANZAC Day - 1946 Aerial Photo - Victoria Park

In memory of those who have served our Country


This ANZAC day we are thinking about those who served our country.  We have done some research to highlight some of the evidence in aerial photos of the war effort in Brisbane.

Our ANZAC Series

This aerial photo of 1946 Brisbane, Spring Hill and Herston shows the military camps at Victoria Park used in World War II.

Aerial Photo of 1946 Victoria Park

Camp Victoria Park (Upper) - Officer’s Camp

In 1942, the US Army requisitioned Victoria Park, a large public reserve spread across two Brisbane suburbs for a large administrative and accommodation camp. Camp Victoria Park was the nerve centre for the support services that backed-up US combat troop operations in the South West Pacific Area (SWPA). The camp was important as the headquarters of both the US Army Services Of Supply and its parent command of Base Section 3. American servicemen lived and worked at the camp while Australian civilians also were employed there. In 1944, a few members of the US Women’s Army Corps moved into the camp. Although the Pacific War ended on 3 September 1945, the camp continued to function for a further five months.

(Queensland Government – Queensland WWII Historic Places)

More information available: Camp Victoria Park (Upper) - Officer’s Camp

Camp Victoria Park (Lower) - HQ and Enlisted Men’s Camp

More information available: Camp Victoria Park (Lower) - HQ and Enlisted Men’s Camp

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Our ANZAC Series

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  • Susan Needer

    I was born in Hut 13A in Victoria Park Camp on 28th March 1948. My mother , her mother and brother and sister lived with us along with my two older siblings.

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