1939 Air Raid Precautions in Brisbane - British Movietone

British Movietone Video - ARP In Brisbane - 16 March 1939

(16 March 1939) Planes swoop over Kelvin Grove and drop gas and explosive bombs in spite of the efforts of the Anti-Aircraft battery. Decontamination men and fire fighters attend to the havoc and ambulance men remove the wounded.

Air Raid Precautions (ARP) In Brisbane - 1939

ARP has spread to Australia. This is Australia that the equipment and operations look suspiciously like Britian. Overhead, raiding aeroplanes roar and volunteers of the City of Brisbane give a demonstration which might do credit to an English community where air raids appear rather nearer than in the Antips but in these days no country can afford to neglect precaution so the decontamination squad sprinkle bleaching powder on imaginary pools of mustard liquid and Australia makes ready for emergency. 

Source: British Movietone

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