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British Movietone Video - Brisbane Cleans Up - 14 February 1974

(14 February 1974) After the devastating floods in Brisbane, Australia, the Australians begin the task of assessing the damage and cleaning up.

In Brisbane, Australia as the big clean up begins as the worst floods this century struck the Eastern Seaboard and other parts of the world suffer storms and heavy rains.

Householders return to their homes to face a heartbreaking task of salvaging what they can from the mud and slime and thousands volunteer to assist in the big clean up. The muddy waters swamped more than 10,000 homes and swept some of them from their foundations.

There is little worth salvaging and the damage runs into millions of pounds.

Industry and Commerce were also hard hit.

City stores pile rubbish on the footpath to be collected.

And at the South Brisbane Film Centre, floodwaters nine feet high destroyed millions of feet of feature films, shorts and trailers. All films released in the last six years are completely ruined and finish up at the tip.

A sad aftermath for Brisbane.

Source: British Movietone

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