Freak Hill Climbing in Bardon

While doing some research for some of our Estate Maps in Bardon we came across an old video of the Bardon Hill Climb from 1940 as well as these great pictures of the Bardon Hill Climb in 1938. 

In reading the newspapers of the day, it seems they called these events "Freak Hill Climbs" and were held regularly in Bardon as fundraising for events such as the Bathurst T. T. Riders Fund.

These Hill Climbs occured in what is now Purtell Park, Bardon.

4 July 1940 - Motor-cycle hill climb at Bardon, Queensland.

In Australia the sport of motorcycle hill climbing still continues in places like Bardon, Queensland.
The gradient is said to be one in one and a half.  Certainly looks like it. 
To add to the natural difficulties of the climb, they have been having a drought in these parts so the surface is rougher and even dustier than usual.  
It's easier coming down and it tidies the place up too.
And now one last try.


Bardon Hill Climb - 1938


Bardon Hill Climb Event - 1938


Aerial Photo

These events occured in what is now Purtell Park. Check out this Aerial Photo of the Purtell Park area from a few years later in 1946.

1946 Purtell Park - Location of the Bardon Hill Climb Event


Newspaper Articles

Freak Hill Climb - Bardon Next Saturday
Freak Hill Climb - Bardon on August 13

Nearby Estate Maps in Bardon include the following:

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  • John Gilby

    I worked with an old guy that told me about the hill climb.but most people don’t believe me.thats a great video.

  • Denise Mottram

    Family photos of bike racing from 1940
    Unknown location maybe bardon ??

  • tony edwards

    Irode a 1938 500gold star belong to ray ? todd kept slipping the timing of the mag.and the next run i just got over. Bert Skuse snr. was a master of the hill he fitted a number of m/cycle chains in sections around the back wheel he had a d/t Jap eng. in a wd bsa frame.

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