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British Movietone Video - Brisbane in Flood - 7 February 1974

(7 February 1974) The Worst Disaster in Australia for 80 years, as floods sweep through the streets of Brisbane. Damage is estimated at £340 million. Twelve people are known to have died.

Brisbane, a city making headlines throughout Australia and the World. Headlines that tell of death and disaster, as the Brisbane River rises to its highest level this. At least 12 people are dead, more than 9000 have fled from their homes and thousands more are in desperate straits in the flooded Queensland Capital.

Scenes like this are only too familar as the water continues to rise.  The flood fighters are weary, but there is no respite.

The river rages and even a sturdy tug finds it difficult to make way.  Large ships too are in peril, as floodwaters extend over 260 miles over a vast inland ocean.

Relentlessly the floods rush into the city itself, pouring through streets which now lead nowhere, except to more water.

It's the city's worst disaster for 80 years.

This is Australia's third largest city, a city laid waste with disrupted power supplies broken down water plants and sewage plants out of action.

Whole suburbs buried beneath the rising waters. The centre of the city is a vast muddy lake in which there are no streets only canals between the taller buildings.

Luxury hotels, family houses, small cottages all are ravaged by the swelling waters. Damage is estimated at 340 million pounds.

Brisbane, a city of disaster in the worst flood of the century.  A city of death and destruction.

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